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Dreams Puerto Aventuras Brides - POST HERE!

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tikuhhknee, of course you can add your name


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I was like you. By May, I will have had 16 months to plan our wedding.


Dee, Congratulations on being a Mrs! It is so wonderful to hear (again) that Jacy/Sandra were wonderful.

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Here is an email between Jacy and I. I thought you'all might be interested.


Hi Jacy,

We were hoping to have a menu similar to this for our wedding reception


No. 7 From Dreams Banquet menu

Fish ceviche

Tortilla soup

Flank steak filled with cheese


Fish fillet veracruzana style


18.00 usd per person (taxes and gratuities included)

Note: The presented Menus are subject to a supplement by assembly & decoration

Thanks, Adrianne




Dear Adrianne,



For a group bigger than 40 people we offer buffet style. And there is no problem to offer the Mexican or the Caribbean menu. The extra cost per person has changed to $35usd for this year. You´ll have 3 options included for appetizer, main course and dessert.



Salad bar

Shrimps cocktail

Squid ceviche

Fish ceviche

Cold beef meat Yucatan style

Mexican sauce

Guacamole and chips


Hot bar

Fried chicken tacos

Mixed fajitas

Rice Mexican style

Chicken in mole sauce

Turnips with butter

Lime soup

Tacos pastor style

Grilled flank steak




Mexican candies


Sweet rice dessert





Salad bar

Mango salad

Tuna salad

Mixed seafood cocktail with fish and shrimps

Avocado filled with shrimps

Tropical fruits salad

Green salad


Hot Bar

Rice and beans

Chicken breast stuffed with vegetables served with mango sauce

Coconuts fish filet

Mixed vegetables with butter

Baked potato

B.B.Q. spare ribs

Beef kebab with mushrooms and bell peppers

Seafood soup



Pineapple pay

Coconut cake

Fruits tart

Fried bananas with sugar

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Originally Posted by mwcfarms View Post
Hey gals, so finally a mrs. Will write a full report when I get home, but dont stress over anything. You can finalize all your stuff with Jacy-Sandra once your here. We met with her twice and she did such an amazing job. Everything was perfect. Will post a full review when I get back.
Hi all-
Mrs. 2010wedding here!!! I 100% agree with Dee. Jacy was great and our day was better then I could of ever imagined and I'm a big worrier!! Jacy is lovely, the food is fantastic and overall, everything was amazing. I'll post a full review soon as well.

A big love filled shout out to Dee! It was awesome to be at the resort and to get married with you there!!!smile159.gif


Ps. to the gals that were wondering about a rehearsal. We were thinking that we wanted to do a formal practice too but Jacy talks/walks you through the order of who goes when and she was great at cueing all of us on the wedding day. We had an informal "meeting" with our bridal party and guests at dinner one night and went through it then. Not too worry.

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Awe Janna, you are one of my trips perks. Not only did I have the most amazingly perfect day for my wedding, I ended with the bonus of a wonderful friend. So shout of right back at you.


I wouldnt worry about the rehearsal, its an extra cost I think and like Janna says Jacy cues you for everything. If anyone wants to see pics here is a link from my professional photographer we brought from Cancun, who was unbelievably amazing. Sweet, funny and awesome to work with. I also have a bunch of shots up on Facebook if going through her album is too much lol she took 922 pics that day.


PhotoReflect - Photosmile di L&A S.A. de C.V.


if for somereason you need a password let me know. She did some photo editting after she loaded the web album and those are on facebook under Deanna Chambers.


Still working on my review.

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It is amazing how reading everyones posts makes me feel more relaxed. I'm so glad to hear how wonderful Jacy is to work with. Also, I am a little confused because I thought you could not bring in an outside photographer. I just looked at your pictures and they are FABULOUS!!!grouphug.gif

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You can bring in an outside photographer they just have to stay at the resort for one night. Thanks so much. She was so much fun and awesome to work with. I would recommend her to anyone.

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