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Dreams Puerto Aventuras Brides - POST HERE!

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I was brainstorming w/ a bridesmaid about gazebo decoration for the wedding. She suggested a ring type device hung from the ceiling of the gazebo with organza flowing down to attach to each post of the gazebo. Her idea sounds awesome but I need to know the measurements of the gazebo. Does anyone know or have an estimate of the height of the ceiling and the length/width of the polls.

Thanks, Adrianne

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Originally Posted by badrianne View Post
I heard there was a hurricane in the Cancun area this weekend. I hope everything went well for aug0208 - November 6 and Elizabeth's - November 7 weddings.
I was thinking the same thing. Hope all went well.


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Yah I was reading yesterday that flights into cancun had been cancelled etc. so the winds at least must've been pretty bad. What a memorable trip it will be though!


Adrianne - I'd had a similar idea for the organza in the gazebo. I was wondering if the resort provided that decoration or if Kim had arranged it. Maybe we can coordinate some decorations since I'm there just a few weeks before you are!


Do we have an updated list of our DPA brides lately?? I honestly don't even know how far back I'd have to go to find the last list that was posted but I sure can't keep track of them! If someone has a few moments of searching time maybe we could get that list updated.

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