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Any other 2010 Brides out there????

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Im getting married in Cuba on Feb 10, 2010 and was wondering if there are any other 2010 brides on herehuh.gif I feel like im on here so early but its so much fun! Im hoping the next year will go by really fast!!

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Im not 2010, but i felt like it was too early to start planning too. i get married in may, '09 and started planning in jan/feb 08. time goes by so fast, let me tell you! It's good in a way b/c you can explore your ideas, have fun and decide on things and not feel so stressed. Some things though try not to "jump the gun", b/c if you are like me, you will change your mind a lot with stuff! I have some of the major things done (church, hall, photogr) but some things I just have jotted down on spreadsheet and will finalize as it gets closer. JIC I change my mind..which i tend to do most of the time ;o)

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Possibly! FI wants a 2010 wedding while I want a 2011 wedding - I'm not sure who is winning yet. LOL!


I'm learning that it's never too early. We have friends and family scattered across the globe, and we've been planting the seeds that we're finally going to be tying the knot - after 8 or 9 years. It looks like we might have a fair turn out (fingers crossed).


We're currently researching event planners, resorts, schedules etc.


Take the time and enjoy it. Look into cementing your ideas and getting sales. The time goes by so quickly! Explore all options, because you never know what you will discover that will be perfect for you.


Good luck!

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We're getting married in Jan. of 2010. we are also getting the planning started early to give our guests [& ourselves] plenty of time to save some $$$.


i'm trying so hard not to make any final decisions yet, because i too am always changing my mind! :)

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hey girls


i am a 2010 bride!! can't wait!! we have been engaged for a while and felt it was time to start saving a get this wedding date set - so may 2010 it is!! this site is sooo good, got soo much help and ideas from everyone...and its great seeing peoples reviews of the resort and wedding pictures...makes it a bit more real!!


The plan is we are getting married at Moon Palace in Mexico...their weddings are soo fairytale like.


I love this threat btw....can't wait til there are more 2010 brides! cheesy.gif

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