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Kids say the darndest things


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Ok Amir is at it again.


I am sitting on the floor leaning on the bed of our hotel trying to chat with BDW. When Amir puts the sheets over my head and says " I spoke to daddy and he got your ring, so here is your helmet (meaning veil) so that you can march up and down the lane with your flowers." As he puts his hands up carrying a bouquet and marching around the room.


I could not help but to laugh and share. then I said Daddy got my ring. he says no not yet.

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Lmao he's a funny kid lol


My m8s 2 1/2 year old has just started to talk properly and he said to his nanny the other day "get a grip linda" I swear i nearly wet myself lol but my ulitmate fav is when his brother who is 6 said "ewww he's got a bogie" and kept going on and on no matter how much we tried to shut him up lol the little one says "archie bogie archie business" can't argue with that lmfao

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