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I spoke to Carolyn early on in the process and she was very helpful and provided me with lots of guidance. In the end after reviewing a proposal from EM-Vallarta and Dazzling Details, I decided to go with Dazzling Details for a few reasons. 1. The catering was a better price with DD 2. with DD we were able to provide the alcohol which save a lot of money 3. when i spoke to Kristin with DD we really clicked and I enjoyed talking to her about my wedding


When I was in PV I met Zac who owns EM-Vallarta and he seemed like a good guy, though I only met him for awhile.


Kristin was amazing. She is extremely helpful, honest and is very talented. I wanted someone who would do most of the planning and decor with little to no guidance from me. I wanted to focus on the extra events we would be doing with our guests and I also wanted the weddign day to be a surprise to even me.


So it will come down to what is important. Again I believe EM does a great job but overall it will come down to cost and who you like working most wiht.

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Thanks Kathy. I also read some negative stuff about EM Vallarta as far as price goes. I have a couple more names that I'm going to try. I haven't written to DD yet. Do you mind telling me how many people are you having and what is their fee?

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No problem. Again I though EM was very nice, but I really clicked with Dazzling Details and I also want my wedding to be different than a regular wedding with white covered chairs and white table clothes. I wanted me guest to be WOWed and that was important place to spend our money.


We are having approx. 80 guests. Kristin's actual fee was more than EM - Vallarta's but less than anyone elses. Again her over all prices of catering and everything else was less though.

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