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Found my dream dress...now I need a substitute

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#11 DanielleNDerek

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    Posted 20 August 2008 - 10:34 AM

    Very pretty, definately go try it on like others suggested. Just make sure you like it on yourself. What i think will look right on me never does, and what i think will look bad looks good. You never know until you try it on!
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    #12 Christi

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      Posted 20 August 2008 - 10:37 AM

      The dress is stunning!!!

      #13 kerryjbrown

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        Posted 20 August 2008 - 10:38 AM

        Originally Posted by DB2B
        Does anyone have any designer (or dress) suggestions?

        I've been poking around looking at gowns (the fun part!) but have been discouraged because most of the dresses I see are not my style. The poofy princess dresses, while gorgeous on other girls, don't seem to fit me, style wise. I've been looking at sheaths, but have yet to be inspired...

        ...until I saw Rosa Clara's '09 collection --- I love love love the Lau dress (Sorry, it won't let me copy the picture and I can't find it anywhere else -- if you want to see it, enter the site, go to "Rosa Clara" [the second choice down] and click see models). It is exactly what I want! Even though it's strapless! It has an obi-like sash/train, which is perfect since I'm half Japanese and spent a year in Japan - kind of ties in my heritage. And more importantly, it's gorgeous. It's also in the multiple thousands of dollars -- as in over $5k I think. I really love her design aesthetic (I love the Lak style as well), but haven't seen anything similar. I have plenty of time to look, but I'm a little deflated right now. I guess I could try to have a seamstress replicate it (in something a little lighter than silk brocade!) but I would think I should try it on first to be sure... Does anyone have any suggestions? Or has seen a similar designer somewhere? I hope!
        Where do you live? There is a place in LA that is a huge warehouse style shop that does knockoffs of all the designers? I think it is called International Brides

        #14 adias.angel

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          Posted 20 August 2008 - 07:43 PM

          Have you looked at the alfred angelo destiny collection? They have a couple that are not exact but have the same kind of uniqueness....

          #15 Erica053009

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            Posted 20 August 2008 - 10:12 PM

            wow I love all the dresses but the fact this has a cultural meaning behind it as well just makes it extra special. I would bring that picture to every single dress shop in your area not only can they help you find something similar but may know when trunk shows, sample sales, etc...will be going on in your area or surrounding areas. Make friends at your bridal shops they come in handy. I will keep a look out for a knock off (I work with dresses). Also bring it to a seamstress in your area maybe she can make it for you for half the price

            #16 DB2B

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              Posted 20 August 2008 - 11:19 PM

              Wow! Thanks guys! I live in the DC area, and I did find a place that carries this designer (though not the whole line), so I'm going to ask which dresses they carry. Then I'll go in and try it on. I'm a little apprehensive - I know this is a style that suits, if the bottom isn't toooo voluminous, but there's always that chance otherwise! And on the flip side, if I love it, it'll be hard to leave behind! But it's a chance I"ll have to take. You guys are so nice! I no longer feel depressed - where there's a will, there's a way and if nothing else, this will be excellent inspiration! Still, perhaps we should hope I look like a befuddled elephant in it -- it would solve a lot of problems!

              *petals* - Thanks for looking! I tried to search, but clearly used the wrong terms. Can you tell me where the first picture (all white) is from? I can't quite make it out on the picture, but it looks similar!

              becks - I agree, I was thinking I could look around until I noticed the 09 collection part - I'm not getting married until November, but I think there's still a slim chance of finding it elsewhere. Typical - I always fall in love with the $500 shoes and the hard to find dress!

              carly - thanks for nabbing the pic! You must be so tech savvy - it wouldn't let me grab anything!

              kerryjbrown - thanks for the tip! I live on the east coast, but I'm from OR and will be heading back this fall... perhaps this necessitates a visit to my Cali friends!

              #17 ~*petals*~

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                Posted 21 August 2008 - 12:25 AM

                Originally Posted by DB2B
                *petals* - Thanks for looking! I tried to search, but clearly used the wrong terms. Can you tell me where the first picture (all white) is from? I can't quite make it out on the picture, but it looks similar!
                Here's the link: it's a Watters dress from House of Brides-- http://static.houseo....wedding_dt.jpg

                #18 trini bride

                trini bride
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                  Posted 21 August 2008 - 01:02 PM

                  That website has some amazing and unique dresses. I am blown away.

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