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Found my dream dress...now I need a substitute

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Does anyone have any designer (or dress) suggestions?


I've been poking around looking at gowns (the fun part!) but have been discouraged because most of the dresses I see are not my style. The poofy princess dresses, while gorgeous on other girls, don't seem to fit me, style wise. I've been looking at sheaths, but have yet to be inspired...


...until I saw Rosa Clara's '09 collection --- I love love love the Lau dress (Sorry, it won't let me copy the picture and I can't find it anywhere else -- if you want to see it, enter the site, go to "Rosa Clara" [the second choice down] and click see models). It is exactly what I want! Even though it's strapless! It has an obi-like sash/train, which is perfect since I'm half Japanese and spent a year in Japan - kind of ties in my heritage. And more importantly, it's gorgeous. It's also in the multiple thousands of dollars sad.gif -- as in over $5k I think. I really love her design aesthetic (I love the Lak style as well), but haven't seen anything similar. I have plenty of time to look, but I'm a little deflated right now. I guess I could try to have a seamstress replicate it (in something a little lighter than silk brocade!) but I would think I should try it on first to be sure... Does anyone have any suggestions? Or has seen a similar designer somewhere? I hope!

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oh man, took me forever to find!!! i'm guessing you meant the "lua" style. soo confusing that all the styles start with the letter L !! & what a stickler of a website... even viewing the source i had no luck getting a picture link.


But i absolutely love the dress! my initial thoughts are to try it on, or try to find something similar to try on, before having someone custom make you a dress.


oh this seems like it might get tricky. i'll keep my eye out for something similar while on the dress hunt. :)

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Wow, that dress is GORGEOUS! I agree that you should go and try it on before you start to consider ordering it on the internet or getting something similar made...sometimes you can love the way things look, but then they don't look that great on you.


Also, if you DO love it, they may let you buy the sample off the rack for half price or even cheaper. Some places do that.


Good luck! It's a beautiful dress!

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Gorgeous dress!!! Personally, I'd find a good seamstress or search online to see if you can find someone to make a good copy. It's their 09 collection, so you're probably not going to find one on craigslist or e-bay any time soon.


Good luck!!

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Great dress! I agree that you should try to find it somehwre and try it on. What we like isn't always what's best for our bodies. If you can find it and love it, see if you can get a sample somewhere. Find out if the designer has trunk shows.


But I think a good seamstress could do something along the lines of what you want. I copied pics frm the website for you, here they are...

Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

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