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Puerto Vallarta bride


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Hello everyone!!


I am so excited to be on this forum. This is exactly what I need. My name is Marla. I live in Michigan. My fiance proposed to me at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta so we are thinking of going back there in March 2008 for our wedding. I am just so undecided with the location. I had my heart set on RIU Ocho Rios, Jamaica but after hearing some horror stories, I ruled that out. However I am also looking into Aruba, Acapulco, Dom Rep, and Barbados!!!

I do hope that somebody can help me!!


Take care,



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Welcome, I originally planned for Ocho Rios also, but was planning on Beaches. I think all of your locations are great but we do have a ton of Las Caletas brides on this forum. Ann can steer you in the right direction with that one.

I think the best way to narrow it down would be to think about the following

do you want all inclusive?

will their be children, singles, older adults?

what time of year (considering hurricane season)?


let us know how we can help...

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Welcome to the forum Marla. I'm a PV Bride as well. You have lots of time to decide on which place your wedding will be at so don't fret. just do allllll the studying you can and I'm sure the forum will help :)

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