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Wedding day layout...Would this work?

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FI and I booked a large villa for our families to stay at and planned on having our reception on its deck. This deck can accommodate up to 40 people for dinner, but it looks like we're going to exceed that number now. (Oops!)


Since we're going untraditional by having a DW, I'm thinking there's no reason we have to follow the usual procedures of a traditional wedding. The original plan was to have our wedding at on the beach at Pigeon Island around 4:30, then go back to the villa for the usual reception (cocktail hour, dinner, dancing, music, etc.) Do you think it would work if we still got married at Pigeon Island (no way I'm changing that!), then went to a restaurant for cocktail hour and dinner, then went back to the villa for cake, drinks, dancing, etc.?


I'm afraid this will cause two problems: 1) People will get tired from sitting down at dinner for a couple of hours. 2) It'll break things up too much and the party will never really get going. I'm OK with arranging additional transportation.


FI and I aren't sure what to do now! I'm open to any suggestions and thoughts.

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i think that is a great idea.


but i would present it more like 'the after party' - if you say cake they will think the party is over KWIM?


also - would you consider a cocktail party reception back at the villa? or do you hahve your heart set on a sit down dinner?

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I think it's only a 10 minute ride between each place, so that should be fine.


Alyssa, I had thought about a cocktail party. I actually said something about that to FI last night, but he really didn't react to it. I have a feeling he's really set on dinner. I would probably feel more comfortable with serving dinner as well, but could go either way, ya know?


I have a feeling that wording everything right and keeping things moving will be the key to making this successful. Hmmm...

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Are you hiring a bus or something to transport people? If that's the case, I'd strongly suggest that you recruit your biggest party-goers; dancers to make sure to keep the energy up on the ride back.


Also at the restaurant, you could find a way after dinner to get a party atmosphere going.


Also, I'd suggest no dessert at the restaurant - if you don't serve dessert, and announce that it's back at the villa people who might be disinclined to party will go for the dessert and stay for the party.

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Good idea, Becks! No dessert, cuz it's back at the resort.


Kristy - how many people are you over? I am just wondering if it is a small enough number that they could make it work.


But if not, I think the alternative that you suggested woudl def work and offers your group a chance to get off the resort and check out another cool restaurant!

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The villa's deck holds up to 40, but it looks like we're going to have about 50. It's not just physical space that becomes a problem. That means renting additional plates, untensils, etc. The restaurant is looking easier and easier!


Becks, I think we will get a bus to make things easier. I'm actually the partier/dancing fool that usually gets people going so I'm happy to take on that role! We'll get some Caribbean party music playing on the bus. You can't help but get in a dancing mood when listening to that.


I was planning on not having dessert and just doing cake anyway, but I love the way you phrased that about dessert being back at the villa. I just love you girls!


Oh, and in addition to our 50 guests, a few of FI's cousins have threatened to crash the wedding...and I don't think they're kidding! They have the funds to get there and to be honest, I would actually like them to be there. They weren't invted because of space. Maybe with the restaurant idea, we can fit them in, no crashing necessary. I think I'm liking this idea more and more!

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