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I am from Houston and just came back from Fl because we were going to do the sunset beach wedding. We weren't that happy with what we saw and the fact that it may be a little cold when we do get married. So, as of right now I think that we are going to Vegas to get married. Any ideas, tips or pics would be great. The date is set for 2/28/09.

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Congrats and welcome!


I think Las Vegas would be a great place to have your wedding.


There are a ton of places to choose from in Vegas. So, it really depends on whether you want to get married on "the strip" or if you prefer someplace like a resort that's off of "the strip."


If you want a place on "the strip" I recommend the Wynn resort. It is a really nice venue. You can find it here: Las Vegas Hotels - Wynn Las Vegas


But, if you prefer a place that's off of "the strip," you should consider these venues:

The J.W. Marriott -

Las Vegas Wedding Resort Hotel Weddings Receptions JW Marriott


Lake Las Vegas Resort -

Weddings at Lake Las Vegas


They are very beautiful, and either would be a great place for your big day!


Hope this helps.



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Originally Posted by jkcz0702 View Post
Congrats and welcome! We are getting married on the same day!! Have fun planning vegas is fun!
Too cool!!!! I haven't done anything let. No dress, no moh dresses, no invites, nothing. I can't find anything that I like. sad.gif I want to go ahead and book a place but my other half is being lazy lol. I have seen so many check list/time lines online and none of it I have done. Any help or advice I will be willing to take. Thanks so much for all the warm welcomes!!!!
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