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Past Riu Palace brides...please help!


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I have a bit of an issue rigth now....Daniela emailed me the other day to set up a time for us to go over the final details of our wedding....the day and time she requested is unacceptable!!!! We are getting married on October 16th at 2pm- Daniela would like to meet THAT day at 10:30am. wtf.gif

My hair appt. with Suzanne Morel is at that time (which I have already paid my deposit for) and I have to get my makeup done...i emailed Daniela back to tell her this and told her the last thing i want to be doing on my WEDDING day is going over final details!!!

ANyone who has goten married at the Palace please tell me-Is this normal that you meet the day OFhuh.gif I was under the impression that we could meet ANY day after our arrival to Cabo...if she can't re-schedule, I think i will lose my mind!!!! shots.gif

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You have every right to be upset with the proposed meeting time. Honestly, she should know better than to even consider putting your meeting on your wedding day (like you have nothing to do that day already)...I would explicitly tell her that is unacceptable.


When I got married there last year our meeting was on the Tuesday and we were married on the Friday and I almost thought that wasn't early enough...haha. There is no reason that she cannot fit you in earlier in the week.

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