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Looks like it's going to be a Mediterranean Cruise for us!

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Congratulation! Your honeymoon sounds wonderful and I highly recommend this cruise and honeymoon. My FI and I went on a very similar cruise last year and loved it.


We went on celebrity cruises too. It was my first cruise and I loved it!! The staff/service is great, actually amazing. I felt like a queen the entire time. Food was pretty good. (hard to compare we you get to eat in all of the wonderful cities).


The excursions were okay...some better than others. I'm not sure which places you are going but here a few things I would recommend in some of the cities.


Turkey: If you go to Ephesus, Turkey I would recommend an excursion as the sites are about 30 minutes from where the cruise ship docks. The site "Ephesus" is amazing...200AD if I remember.

The tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable. Most of the merchants love to bargin "part of the culture", it is encouraged and they speak english. My Future Hubby bought a hooka and brought down the price from $170 to $110. I picked up beautiful "real" pashminas that would cost a fortune in the US for about $12 USD (easy to pack).


Greece: If you go Athens I would recommend going local. We took the metro to the Acropolis for about $2.00 USD each RT and drops you off almost in front of the entrance to the site. Alot like the trains in NY- nothing fancy. Getting into the site was about $16USD (Bring EUROS) and bring good walking shoes. After the site there is a trendy shopping area (can't think of the name) nearby which has great shops. Go early, it was crowded by 11:00am. My friend took the excusion to the same site and spent too much money.


***They do have a few stray dogs laying around in the downtown area...not agressive in any way just dogs without a home. They actually looked very healthy, well fed and people just ignore them and they ignored the people. They don't really have any animal shelter there so this is an everyday thing for them. I felt very safe being around them.


Greece: Santorini and Rhodes I wouldn't recommend a excursion as you can get to everything on foot. I love both of these cities, very relaxing and romantic


Greece: Mykonos- I really wish we took the excursion as they went to the other side of the island where the great beaches area.


Italy: Rome is a great city! On Wednesdays you can have a "papel Audience" visit with the pope...I'm not Catholic but I thought it was pretty cool. You can walk to everything in a day; Vatican, Spanish Steps, Forum, Coliseum and Parthenon.


Italy: Naples/Capri- we went to pompei in Naples...I loved it as I studied anthropology. But the excursion was short and crime is high in Naples, so we didn't really want to go wander around. One of my friends took the excursion to Capri, loved it but thought it was alittle over priced. The other friend rented a car and went down the coast, loved it.


Italy: Venice- If you get a chance go there and get lost. We got engaged there and it is hands down one of the most romantic places in the world. If you want to buy glass go to island of Murano...you can save alot of $$$ buying it there. Nikko's has the best gelato. If you want to go to any of the sites I would recommend going early.


I hope this helps!

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SAM!!!!!! Thanks so much! That's just the info I was looking for! I really appreciate it! We are going to look over your suggestions together. You're the best!

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