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Any input on the Casa Dorada?

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    Posted 30 August 2010 - 10:29 AM

    Hi Anna,


    In response to your inquiry, the beach was a bit crowded.  A lot of people stopped to watch the ceremony and were quiet and respectful.  There were a couple of drunk douchebags who had to be chased away by my husband's uncle, who then had to stand guard a short distance away from the ceremony.  That was a real annoyance, but the majority of people were fine.  There's a bar on the beach next to the Casa Dorada that has loud music blaring and they get on the mike every so often yelling about giveaways and wet t-shirt contests.  I asked the hotel to call the restaurant to ask them to keep it down for the 30 mins of the ceremony, which they sort of did.  They stayed off the mike, but you could still hear some background music (which frankly, I did not even notice the day of the wedding, but our wedding video picked it up).  As for photos, the sun was already setting, so they were a little dark.  But the good thing though is that the beach was relatively empty by the time of our photos, so we had no issues with getting a feel of a "private" beach.


    The location of the hotel is as picturesque as you could imagine because right behind you is the mountain and the arches.  If you want to PM me with your email address, I can send you a photo of the wedding. 


    The food was great and beautifully presented..  We didn't do a formal tasting, but instead ordered a number of different dishes when we were at their restaurant.  (We only did one "planning" trip to Cabo, so didn't have time to plan a formal tasting.)  At our wedding, we offered filet, fish, and risotto.  I ordered the risotto and it unfortunately was not as good as when I ordered it at the restaurant.  (When I first had it, it tasted like mac 'n cheese.  At the wedding, it was bland like plain rice.  I was disappointed, but frankly I could live with it because nearly everything else was perfect.)  Everyone else said the filet and fish were awesome.  I thought the salad was great too.


    I didn't use the coordinator from there, so I couldn't tell you how the hotel coordinator is.  The hotel itself though was very accommodating and bent over backwards to make us happy.  I considered a couple of other hotels, but ultimately decided on the Casa Dorada in part because they seemed to care so much about customizing the event to our liking.  Other resorts that have been around a while do it "their way" and you just have to agree to choose from what they offer.  The Casa Dorada gave us what we wanted.  For instance, the filet for our wedding originally came with spinach.  I wanted asparagus to make the presentation more beautiful.  Casa Dorada's response: "No problem, done."  We hosted a Friday night cocktail party on the beach and wanted some furniture set up in addition to our rental furniture.  Casa Dorada's response: "Okay, done.  And here's our further suggestion on what else we can do for you..." which I should note was better than my original plan.  Our rehearsal dinner was a Mexican buffet.  Since we had over 50 people at the rehearsal dinner, we wanted to keep it simple to keep the cost reasonable (so it wasn't like paying for another wedding reception).  We picked the dishes we wanted, but when we got there, the hotel had added a bunch of additinal dishes without charging us more.  The service was really incredible and I genuinely feel like they just wanted to satisfy us.  They did not nickel and dime us at all, like a lot of other resorts do to wedding parties.  Have your wedding at Casa Dorada!  If I had to do it all over again, I would pick it again without hesitation. 


    Feel free to PM me with any specific questions or if you want to see photos. 

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