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OMFG I'm gonna lose it on the Knot!

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Did you try checking out? Because I think it was the knot I was loosing my mind trying to buy something on sale and it wasn't on sale the FI said I had to check out to see the new price and I hate to admit it but he was right try it. Also even if the sale is over I would call tomorrow and see if they will give you the sale price sometimes they will even try asing for a manager, it is worth a try right :)

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Originally Posted by scoutley View Post
Kevsgirl- Have you tried to order? I was so excited to order some super cute fans with our names and wedding date on them as well as matchbooks and travel candles. I had the address of a friend's mother's cabin in the US because they won't ship to Canada. Then I tried to order them and got some really bad news. They won't even let you order unless you have a US credit card! I phoned them because this seems like a really archaic and stupid policy. They won't bend on this one. Anyway - hopefully you know someone in the states who has a credit card and shipping address you can use!!
Oh NO! That is seriously SO stupid. fryingpan.gif

I already knew that they only ship to the States and was going to use my FI's work's other address. I had no idea about the US credit card. That is totally ridiculous. smile41.gif

I can't believe such a huge store/company as the Knot would have those kinds of policies.

Well, I guess I'll have to figure out a Plan B.

As to the other comment about whether it was on sale thorugh the checkout, I never went that far. Good idea though!
In the past, the sale price aws pretty clear on the item, so I didn't even think of it. And in my basket it was the regular price.

Anyway... on to create a Plan B smile35.gif

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