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So stressed about money for wedding

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Right everyone keep bad thoughts that FFIL comes to his senses and chucks the money grabbing bitch out and then she's off the list lol once she's off she can't get back on

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Originally Posted by RyanAmanda View Post
I wish I could send all of you to the in-law's house!

I was talking to my sister about it and we came to the conclusion that there's nothing I can do so I might as well just accept it. FH would NOT get married without his dad there. And FFIL won't come without FMIL. We've cut down our wedding some (jkcz0702, that's why we're doing the mixed grill instead of theme dinner, it's $700 vs the $2400 it was costing). But really, there's nothing else I want to cut. We're not doing anything elaborate, so there's not a lot I can cut. It's just we so wanted to avoid putting wedding stuff on our credit card.

As for the photographer, nope, we get the wife. And I would feel bad having my sister pay part know when the reason she was paying isn't there anymore. It's just frustrating - and now I feel guilty because I don't want the wife to think I don't like her pictures. It has nothing to do with that, it's just that the husband is semi-famous in our house.

That really sucks. I'm so sorry that you can't find any other way to go about things. It's your FI and his family though so it's really up to him and if he won't budge, there's not much you can do.
Mine basically decided that if his parents couldn't come, we'd still do it anyway. He would have been crushed, but in the end they are coming. So I guess I'm lucky...

I hope that you have a wonderful time and it all goes smoothly. I would have a hard time putting it past me and getting on with things, but hopefully you'll be able to!cheer2.gif

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I definitely agree with everyone else. Talk to your fi about it and make him aware of what your feelings are on the situation.


We are in a similar boat, but it is with my mother. She cannot afford to attend and was going to be our pet sitter. Fi came to me and said that he thought we should pay her way because he couldn't imagine me being comfortable with my mother not being at our wedding. I never approached him on the subject.


I think it's very important to air these things out rather than fester in your feelings of stress and anxiety.

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