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Taking Non-traditional to a New Level

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Originally Posted by Rachelle E. View Post
Reading about the ruins reminded me of a post Elizabeth Medina made a while ago. Now these aren't really ruins...but I thought it was a beautiful and unique location...and sort of "ruinous" lol!

Anyway, worth checking out maybe? Definitely look at the slideshow she posted as well...lots of great pics of the venue on there.

Also, in this post she lists a lot of the different Hacienda's that she's shot weddings at...so that may be more helpful as far as actual venue info and not just pretty pics. :-)
good idea. those are beautiful places.

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I was born and raised in New Mexico, and think one of absolute COOLEST destination spots for a wedding would be at White Sands National Monument.


There are acres and acres of snow white sand dunes and sharp blue skies. It's absolutely spectacular and breathtaking if you've never seen it in person.


As a photographer, I know the creative photographic opportunities would be ENDLESS!


They allow weddings with a special use permit. The application can be downloaded online and only takes about five days to process.


You may be thinking more along the lines of another country, but this would be incredibly unique and probably even pretty affordable by comparison (bonus!) Had to share the idea!


White Sands National Monument - Permits for Special Park Uses (U.S. National Park Service)


Here are a few images galleries I spotted online:

(Some of them are so-so, but just to give you an idea)


White Sands, New Mexico Photo Gallery by Fred Parsons at pbase.com


Photo Gallery: Hot Air Balloons Over White Sands


New Mexico Pictures - USA stock photos, fine art prints by QTL


And this one has a TON:

Pictures, stock photography, prints, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico, Nature, Scenics, Travel: Images by PHOTOVAULT® Southwest USA, Images, Photos, photographs


OH! And another idea, just because I know they're huge there (and they specifically host a festival) ... maybe you could rent a hot air balloon and take your bride up for a post-ceremonial sunset cruise. That would be insanely cool!


Okay ... done with my rant now! :)

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