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shower question

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My aunt is giving me a shower that is for the ladies in my and my FI's family and some family friends....and I also thought about inviting my bridesmaids.


We have some friends that are giving us a "stock the bar" party / pool party. We are inviting all of our friends to that - it's a couples thing one evening this summer.


My question is, should I expect my bridesmaids to attend the "family" shower and the "stock the bar" party?


I just think the family shower will be so boring with just the ladies in my and my FI's family. Is that bad of me??

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I would ask them to come. They don't need to buy you a second gift, but to be there for support is always nice! I know I need support when surrounded by my crazy family!

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I was gonna say the same thing - support! You need it, believe me! If it weren't for all of my great friends, I seriously may have marched out of my own shower because my grandma was being a total PITA...well, I think the margaritas helped too - but the support was a MUST!

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