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I'm so happy my sis is coming home! ( a little long)

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Originally Posted by ericaandsy View Post
Yamille I am so happy for you!!
I thought of you yesterday Erica when my mom told me because of the OFF YOUR CHEST thread last week. I hope your sis comes home soon too.

Originally Posted by Pug3636 View Post
That's great news! You gotta go dress shopping now! :)
I know! I went twice but I just felt like I was missing her and trying to describe stuff over the phone just wasn't the same. I'm thrilled!

Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
That is great news!!! you must be SO EXCITED!!!! willl she be living nearby when she gets home?
Yes she will be living on Long Island with my parents till she gets back in the swing and job hunts and stuff.

I know this is funny- but it's so nice that all you ladies are so supportive on this forum and can share in my happiness. grouphug.gif Thank you!

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