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I'm so happy my sis is coming home! ( a little long)

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So my sister has been volunteering in a remote village in Nicaragua for the past two years and I have missed her terribly. (even though I am super proud of her!!) We are incredibly close so it has been a rough two years becuase we are so used to being in contact all the time.


Anyway, to make a long story short... she has had numerous medical problems (among other issues) since living there aside from the usual parasites she also had dengue fever, and recently had to have surgery for a problem with a cyst. It has been ROUGH to say the least- especially since she usually rode her bike 5miles each way to teach at her school- and she couldn't after the surgery. Peace Corps has agreed that she can come home three months early!


Aside from the fact that she was beginning to feel super depressed and her health is most important- she can be here and share in all the wedding planning fun. It really hasn't been the same without her. I think it's part of the reason that I was putting off the dress shopping stuff. I need her opinion. She knows me better than anyone else.


My mom just called to tell me that she will be home THURSDAY! How crazy is that? i guess you have to leave 72 hours after Peace Corps gives you the ok. I'm so happy! I know this is really random but I just needed to share with someone. (or in this case- many!) FI is in a meeting and I texted him but I prob won't hear for a while. smile159.gif

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Wow, that's good she's coming home! How great that you can share all of this with her now rolleyes.gif


Hope her health starts to improve!

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