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Time Table for wedding events?

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So I am in the beginning stages of planning the events for the wedding and I am having a few issues already. Hopefully you ladies can help me.

The ceremony is called for 3pm-we are planning on having a cocktail hour and then dinner. My problem is-what time do I start to the cocktail hour and what time to I start the reception?

I just realized that I didn't book my photographer for enough time and I am not worried about everything!

Please help! smile124.gif

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here's what I think:


3:00-3:30 PM Ceremony

3:30 - 4:30 PM Cocktail hour

4:30 -huh.gif(whenever they tell you have to leave) reception. You could do all the formal stuff, first dance, cake cutting speakes and then ask for dinner to be served around 5:30 ish. Then dancing and fun the rest of the night!!!


Also, if you are worried about the photographer contact them and see how much it would be to add a few additional hours.


Hope this helps!


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Does your resorts specify a time for dinner. Our dinner they said will be at 6:30 and wedding will be at 4. So here is our timeline

4 - 430 wedding

430 - 530 pictures/cocktail hour

break until 6:30

6:30 dinner

8:30 dancing

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