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For those who are having a small reception at your DW wedding and a AHR/party, will you be giving out the same favors at both? I have salt and pepper shaker favors for the DW reception, but I wouldn't have enough left over to give out during the AHR/bbq. I am expecting about 100 people for the AHR and don't want to be to cheap, but don't want to go broke either. Personalized chapstick is a great start, but I wanted to give out something a little more classy to my parent's friends etc. I would love to see your favors to get an idea? Thanks!!

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I'm thinking about doing personalized sticky pads from VistaPrint. Its something practical that people would use. My mom doesn't like the idea buy my dad loves it. My dad and I both work in offices so they would get used, and people use them at home for little notes and things. They seem to practical to me... Here is a sample

Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by BEACHBRIDEMA View Post
Thats such a cute idea Kelly! How much does that cost if you dont mind me asking
Well you can get a free sample on their website. Personalize it and everything and they will send you it. It looks so cute and they gave me a 20% off coupon for my next order as well, so it will get used.

30 for $65
50 for $95
100 for $175 and so on... But if we use these I don't think we would give out anything else. Trying to keep it simple.
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I love all of your ideas. The grape wine corks are fabulous. I also love the fans. My dilema is trying to figure out favors that both men and women would love and also a favor that people that don't drink would like. There will be quite a few friends of my parents that have given up alchohol so they would not be able to use the wine stopper. But everyone could use the fan. I dunnoo, maybe I could do both.


I can't wait to see more ideas. :)

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