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My name is Chelsea and I am newly engaged. I plan to have my wedding at Dreams Los Cabos, I've stayed there before so that is why I chose the destination. Although if any Dreams Brides could offer any advice I would be so appreciative.


My dilema right now is that I spoke with Yesica on the phone Weds. and booked August 8th as my wedding date, she sent me an email saying she confirmed that date for my wedding and that I needed to send in my authorization form, which I did yesterday, emailed her and haven't got confirmationt that she received my form. I basically just want to know that I am locked in for August 8th, can anyone help ease my mind?!?! I saw someone mentioned something about a confirmation with rooms before it is officially booked...any suggestions?!?!

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Welcome! If you search from Dreams Los Cabos you will find a ton of helpful information. The wedding planners are super busy, so if you don't hear back for a couple of days (Especially Friday/Saturday which are popular wedding days) that is completely normal!

I know it is frusterating... but part of the whole DW thing is that you have to let go! Everything WILL work out. And when you need info or to vent come on here and us brides will calm your nerves.


Good luck!

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