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White "Party Dress"??

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I am having a DW in Cabo, and also a AHR a month later. In cabo I am wearing my wedding gown (duh!) and then I plan on changing into a white party dress so I dont ruin my dress because I am wearing it again, and because I totally want to party it up on my wedding night with everyone. At my AHR I want to wear my gown again and then change later in the night into my party dress again to hang out with guests. (note: Why is my comfort when I party so important to mehuh.gif thats a whole other issue I guess)


Where can I find a white or ivory cocktail dress? I know it sounds easy, but I am having major problems.


I even thought about getting a bridesmaid dress in white (amazingly they can come in white...who knows why? Maybe for people like me) Or I thought of getting an inexpensive white slip dress and having a tailor cut it shorter.


ANY IDEAShuh.gif

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