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Ok, I'm on the quest for small silver sand dollars that I can use to liven up our invites. Cheap is the key word. Every website I come across is for real sand dollars, which is not what I want. If anyone comes across a website selling them, please let me know...


Thanks all!

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Those are all what I've been looking for, but without the charm loop at the top. I have a photo of the invite at home that I'll have to upload, but basically, on the outside of the pocket folder, they had a ribbon and then they took some beachy looking string and looped it through the holes in the sand dollar to hold it. I've found some site selling small sand dollar's pretty cheap that I can use as a last resort, but I really liked the look of the silver ones.


Heck, I may just have to use the real ones because the silver ones are probably going to be so much more than the real ones...

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