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Kathleen -

I'm also having a Catholic Wedding. We just meet with our local parish priest last night so, I've only just started this whole process.

Our priest had these things to say:

1. Need to take a Pre-Cana Class. In Chicago, were we live, they offer one day classes from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays, at certain locations.
2. Need the contact information of the Priest performing the ceremony in Mexico, so our Priest can send the necessary documents.
3. Need recent copies (within 6 months) of our Batism certificates (this is a pain for me as I was Batised in Austria).

According to the hotels that perform Catholic Weddings (Iberostar Paradiso del Mar, and Barcelo), the necessary documents we need to send to the Priest in Mexico, are the same ones our local parish requires.... I still need to follow up on this and make sure. Our Priest also needs to send a letter of recommondation stating that we performed all of the necessary requirements for marriage.

As far as legality, we may just get married legally here at city hall and do the religious ceremony in mexico.

If you have any questions let me know!!
Thanks, all of this info is so helpful! This is going to be such a pain!! Oh well. I'm in New York so I'll have to see what they require in terms of certificates...I've heard it varies from diocese to diocese. Adamsgrrl, what is the format of the Catholic weddings at Iberostar and Barcelo, do they have chapels? So far, we've just been looking at the Marriott because of their outdoor gazebo. I know also that Moon Palace has a chapel, but I was still trying to find out about other options.

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We were orignally looking at getting married in El Dorado Royal (Beautiful Chapel) and the Moonpalace (Gazebo), but my FI didn't really like the hotels because of the beach and water.. (according to him it looked murky.. he's pretty picky).


So now its either the Barcelo which has a open air Chapel with a thacthed roof. Or the Iberostar Del Mar - eventhough there are 5 hotels located together in the Iberostar chain, you have to stay in either the Del Mar or Beach if you want a Catholic Wedding. They have a Closed Chapel with stainglass windows located in shopping center of the hotel complex. According to their WC, Padre Juan Antonio Lopez, from a local fishing village, will be the one performing the ceremony.


You can email me at Mon82@sbcglobal.net, if you want some additional information from what the hotels sent me..... packages, descriptions, some limited pictures, etc.


Sorry I didn't attach here but the PDF files are too big.

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