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When to start planning?

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I originally wanted to do a spring 2009 wedding, but we have decided to push it back to 2010 because we don't want to have to pay for any of our wedding on credit and we want our guests to have ample time to save money to join us and enjoy their vacation, also. I am thinking late April or early May. I know that is a long ways away, but I love looking at everyones weddings and am really excited to start planning my own. My question is, when did you start planning your wedding? How much time does it take to play everything? I know I can't really do much planning now as I can't even book flights or get prices for flights unless they are within 330-some days from today. Once you started your planning, what was your timeline for booking outside vendors such as your photographers. Is that something that I will need to do as soon as I book my wedding to make sure that I have someone?

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NOW lol I started about 8 months before my wedding and with only 3 months to go I am DONE! I have small things now organizing the actual wedding but I can't really do that until closer to.


The sooner the better! I just wouldn't buy anything just yet or buy when you notice something on sale. You won't know how many people are coming etc.


But you can definetly start planning things now wink.gif

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We also got engaged May 08, but our wedding isn't until Oct 09. I started looking into booking the location right away and getting pricing for our guests so that we could set the date (although sometimes you can't do this too early if pricing isn't available for your time period). Once that's done you can relax a little. I say book the big things first, as soon as you can, and the little details can wait until later. But I'm constantly looking through things and saving pics for inspiration etc!

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