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ME Cancun by Melia Info?

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Hi guys,

So I am the Bride who is actually getting married there this November.


To clarify some things stated that peeps posted- it is a very very trendy hotel, not an all inclusive however despite its trendy adult atmosphere it actually isn't defined as an adult only fyi (unless they changed that fact).


I have been pleased, made a site visit, and overall hope my wedding to be amazing but would have to say not due to the hotels help.


I did infact post earlier chris email to another member who was the me's wedding planner but i unfortuantly was notified this week that she has left the hotel and now our wedding/all our wedding planning thus far will be passed on to whomever they hire to replace her as thier other wedding planner is out on maternity leave. So to say the least we are a bit worried and frustrated as this is now the SECOND Me Employee who has been working with us personally to leave right after contracts have been signed.


I do still think highly of the resort, all the other staff with which i have worked with at the hotel and or met and have high hopes my wedding weekend will come all together.... i think now it just will take a bit more stress, work on our parts, and rehashing things with which had already been in place or promised. I am also looking into hiring for myself a day of wedding coordinator now just to ensure everything gets done.


I too have tons of awesome pics so if someone would like to email me how to post them i would be more than happy. I am still trying to figure out using this entire site:)



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