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Dreams Peurto Aventuras vs Tulum

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Well I think I have my locations narrowed down to the Dreams resorts. But I was wondering if anyone had advice on the choosing between the Tulum resort (which I have read tons about) and the Peurto Aventuras (which looks beautiful too, but haven't heard as much about). Any info and suggestions wouuld be greatly appriciated! THANKS!bunny_4.gif
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I fought with this for soooo long!!! Here is what made me choose DPA:

  1. Location. It is close to a marina and there is stuff to do around the area. It is also slightly closer to Cancun.
  2. Availability. They are not as booked up as DT. I was able to get Saturday in Memorial Day weekend at 5pm with no trouble. The date was very important to me because I had some guests that could not get off work for too long.
  3. WC. This is only a plus for a little bit. Natalia is very available to answer any questions you may have. The longest I have waited for a reply is 2 days. While I was a DT bride, I often had to wait a long time for a reply. This obviously is a result of DT being very busy with weddings right now and extremely over worked. I am sure once DPA opens, the reply time will slow down as they get more and more busy. I heard DPA is already sold out for November.
  4. Wedding Gazebo. I really didn't like it at first, but now I am in love with it. DT does not have a wedding gazebo. They do the ceremonies on either the beach or in the chapel.

Conclusion: There really isn't any info from former brides. I have heard some bad things about DPA from when it was the Sunscape, but I am expecting that now that they are renovating it that it will hold up to the high standards of Dreams Resorts. Dreams Tulum is a gorgeous resort and I really don't need to go into detail about why it is also a good choice. There is tons of information and reviews available.

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Just to clarify what Bianca said, in case you weren't aware, Dreams Puerto Aventuras has not opened yet, it used to be Sunscape Puerto Aventuras and they are doing renovations and opening it under the new name (what is the scheduled opening date Bianca?) I think all sunscape hotels have been undergoing the same changes in the past few years (it was the case with Dreams Tulum a couple years ago, and the ones in Punta Cana have recently changed over to Dreams too).


So of course there are many risks involved with booking your wedding at a newly opened resort, such whether its opening is delayed and quality of service, the look of the resort post-renovations, etc. You really don't know what you are getting. That being said, it could be wonderful, but it's just more risky than going with an established resort.


Not trying to talk you out of it at all, just trying to provide some info. I know some ladies were having a similar debate about booking the new Princess hotels in the mayan riviera (which opened last Nov/Dec)

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It is definitely a risk. If I were getting married this year, I would have gone for DT, but I think that DPA should be all set by May 2009. They are scheduled to open in the beginning of November and its sold out according to Dream Days. In the end, it will still be a Dreams Resort and i am sure that it will be another great resort soon enough.

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Obviously I am kinda biased...but I am super excited and expect nothing but great from this resort. I have been to a Dreams resort before and the wedding was amazing! From that and the other Dreams girls on here, and the number of weddings they do, I know Dreams knows how to put on a wedding. As far as DPA, there seemed to be something I wanted missing from the other locations..

Tulum +size, secluded, scenary

- too secluded?, hit or miss reviews, drive from airport, beach

DPA +size, location (not in Cancun, close to ruins and shopping), beach, water everywhere, newly renovated

Really I am running a risk, but as they say at work everyday- no risk, no reward! I really dont see it as a huge risk though. It is a resort in a chain and it will be open for an entire year before I head down there.

Long rant, good luck though!!!

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Elizabeth..you say you have been to a Dreams resort already..are these pretty kid friendly? I will be having children from 2-16 with us so I want to make sure there is enough for them to be involved in as well. I'm assuming they would love the pool, since they love it at home.


I wanted to go to the Beaches resorts because they are really kid friendly, but they seem to be much more expensive than others and I would like everyone to be able to afford to come, so the Dreams resorts looks like a really good choice. Any info would be helpful!



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Fungirl97 that is one reason I chose Dreams. I went to the cabo resort and there were about 4 kids in our party and they had so much fun at the kids club, we hardly saw them because they were there the whole time! Every time we made them come do family stuff, they were wanting to go back.

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