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Boudoir Photo Shoot **Need photographer in CT/NYC area**

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Hi, I am in the NYC metro area and I took my pictures with

Mariann Szucs

Blue Daisy Weddings, New York New York

Her contact info is:


website: Blue Daisy Weddings | Wedding photography by Mariann Szucs photographer in the New York metro area

blog: Blue Daisy Blog

e-mail: bluedaisyweddings@earthlink.net

917 439 0348 | mobile and 718 626 2182 | home office


She was awesome. I would strongly recommend her to anyone. I went to the session by myself and she made me feel so comfortable for only having spoken with her via email and over the phone.


Hope this helps!

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good luck on your photographer hunt. I know theknot.com is a great source for finding good boudoir photogs in your area.


another place to check would be a networking site, a lot of photographers use myspace and facebook to show their work.


good luck and remember to have fun while your shooting!! it shows wink.gif

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Hey there I am in the same situation. I am looking for a good Boudoir Photographer.


So far I have looked into a few different photographers BoudoirNY being at the top of my list. Has anyone worked with them? I have a friend who referred me to them and said that she had an awesome time and the photos came out even better than she had expected. You can see the site at Boudoir Photography in New York, Paris, London, Miami and Los Angeles | BoudoirNY Photography.


Let me know if anyone has any other suggestions. At this point I think i am going to schedule a session with them. I will let everyone know how it went after I am done!



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I'm a little further up North in western Massachusetts... but looking for a good photographer in either Mass or Connecticut if anyone can help.

I haven't heard of doing this type of photo session before. Great ideas ladies!!

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