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Very Excited West Coast Shower This Sunday!

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Originally Posted by Yari View Post
I bought it last month and it is part of Banana's Monogram Collection. They do not have it online, which is a bummer.

I also just bought another dress for my East Coast Shower later on this month from the Gap, I bought it today.
Shop clothes for women, men, maternity, baby, and kids at gap.com. | Gap

I have a 25% off coupon to The Gap, Banana or Old Navy if you are interested.

yari - i would LOVE that coupon if you don't mind me buying the same dress!

also - stalk - when is your East coast shower - are you coming to Philly? smile78.gif

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can i get the banana coupon too? i am going to go tomorrow and see if i can find that dress! hopefully they still have it, lots of stores have already put their fall stuff in... i hate that! especially in AZ, hello it's still HOT!

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