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Calling Dazzling Details Brides

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#61 grnyc

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    Posted 17 November 2009 - 10:07 PM

    Hi Ladies! I've been trying to get in contact with DD, but haven't heard back from them yet... Has anyone had a hard time starting initial contact with them? I used the contact feature on their website and received an auto-response that said I would be contacted in 48 hours but never heard back. I just re-contacted them again through their website but still no reply.

    Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions on how to reach them?

    #62 Jess

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      Posted 20 November 2009 - 02:27 PM

      try emailing them at weddings@thedazzlingdetails.com

      #63 Jennifer_Katherine

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        Posted 12 January 2010 - 09:27 PM

        Kristin and Michelle planned our November wedding at Dreams resort and I cannot speak highly enough of them. They were an absolute joy to work with - so quick in response, answering any and all questions we had. I can't even begin to describe how amazing our wedding was - every bit of it a total surprise and every part of it completely perfect. Looking back on the pictures I sent Kristin for inspiration, I realize that the centrepieces, ceremony set-up, dance floor, bouquet - everything that they put together was even more beautiful than what I had sent them!

        Their coordination fee is completely reasonable and after that the prices they get from other vendors is significantly cheaper than if you had gone through the resort directly (at least with Dreams). If you're looking for a unique, gorgeous and totally YOU wedding, I would, without any hesitation, recommend them. They allowed me to have a completely stress free and wonderful wedding day. That night, my hubby and I were saying how we wished we could relive the entire thing!!

        #64 aripk001

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          Posted 19 January 2010 - 11:07 PM

          I am getting married at Dreams PV in October 2010 and am considering using DD, not sure if we can fit them into the budget though. For those of you who used them and got married at Dreams PV, how much did Dreams charge you to use an outside coordinator? I have looked through the documents they sent me but i can't find it...thanks!

          #65 Jess

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            Posted 20 January 2010 - 12:52 AM

            Dreams didn't charge me anything to use DD.

            #66 lololola

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              Posted 20 January 2010 - 06:03 PM

              Wow. Thanks everyone for all the information, I think I am definitely going to be giving Dazzling Details a call! I am totally stoked!

              #67 krawles

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                Posted 11 February 2010 - 02:15 AM

                I am considering using The Dazzling Details as well for my wedding in May 2011!! For those of you who have used them at a Dreams resort did you have to pay any sort of fee to allow them on the property. I think in another thread I heard that Dreams might be doing that now. Does anyone know?

                I am so excited because the work they have done on past weddings has been incredible. On this thread I have seen Jess's wedding and Lori's weddings and both of your weddings were gorgeous! Such an inspiration for mine so thanks for posting your photos!!

                #68 krawles

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                  Posted 11 February 2010 - 02:22 AM

                  Oops ladies - my apologies. I see that Jess you had mentioned above that you were not charged. I looked on another thread and found this post from Mishka Designs. So it sounds like if you have a wedding coordinator you are good to go without charges!!!

                  Originally Posted by Mishka Designs
                  Okay guys, I talked to Rebeca from Dreams PV today and got the skinny on the new outside vendor policies. What Rebeca told me is that the new vendor fees only apply if you are hiring outside a la carte BUT if you have an outside wedding coordinator and/or designer (i.e. us! , and we bring, as part of our service, an outside vendor (i.e. furniture, cake, DJ, photographer, etc.) you won't be charged an outside vendor fee.

                  I'm not swearing this will be like this forever. And I definitely think you should make sure you get anything and everything in writing, but this is what the new policy means today . Any questions, just let me know!

                  #69 BandMWedding

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                    Posted 11 February 2010 - 06:52 PM

                    Hi Ladies,

                    For all of the brides who have used or are using DD for their weddings, can any of you give me a better idea of how collaborative they are? I know their website says that they like to keep the details secret until the day of, and I'm fine with that, but does that mean I give them a few pictures and then the rest is a surprise? Or do they keep you updated as they plan? As much as I want to turn over my planning to them, I feel like part of the fun of being engaged is being involved in the planning of the wedding. I'm scheduled to speak to one of the coordinators next week, and I want to adjust my expectations accordingly....

                    #70 sierra101010

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                      Posted 11 February 2010 - 07:19 PM

                      You can be involved as much or as little as you want. I think what they mean by keeping the details secret, is they have a way of surprising their brides with unexpected details that are above and beyond.

                      I'm working with them and I'm one who likes to be involved...I've used an inspiration board and described my vision, and I also ask a lot of questions along the way to clarify and so I have a better idea and comfort level. They are super cheerful, patient, and quick to respond...so I have been just loving the process!!!

                      Believe me...you will be part of the fun!
                      On 05.10.10 I will walk down this aisle

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