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How much are alterations??

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Originally Posted by kiki317 View Post
My dress was $500 from David's and the alterations were about $230.

I did need a good amount of alterations though- Hem, bustle, taken in on the sides and i needed cups added and the halter top shortened. but i thought that was a fair price to change almost all the seams on the dress- LOL- too bad short and nothing ever fits right! I did have my last fitting last night and it's perfect!
Hey Kiki, where in NJ is your David's? And how did the alterations come out?

Also, Frazali, did you go to David's in Manhattan for your alterations? How were they?

I got my dress at the David's in Paramus, but I'm not sure whether to go back there for the alterations or not.
Thanks for your help ladies!

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Hi Ladies...honestly I think David's Bridal is over priced when it comes to alterations. My dress was $400 and they wanted to charge me almost $250 for my alterations. I was able to find someone that does it out of their home and and she's doing it for $150. I say look around and don't do them with the first person. There's always a better deal out there!! Hope this helps :)

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