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Do you have an Aveda Institute School near you?


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So, I live in a (fairly) large city - Philadelphia - we have this school called "Jean Madeline Institute" it is a Cosmetology school based on Aveda products priniciples and practices - meaning all nautral, etc.


Anyway, they have a couple locations in the city and it never occured to me that they have a Salon where the students do EVERY service under the sun at serious discounts.


So I called last week and you are never going to believe this - I got a blow out (my hair is super, super long, wavy-curly and thick) for $13.


And a manicure is $10, a pedicure $20, a single process color $25, an Aveda facial $30, i could go on and on ... now being that these are students i wouldn't trust them to do something drastic (like a serious cut or highlights) but a trim? sure, a blow out, OMG yes $13 that is INSANE!


I wanted to share with you girls b/c it turns out Aveda partners with these schools all over the country and there might be one near you.

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Yea, not many people know that if you go to a Cosmotology school, you can get the same services at a spa for very very cheap. It's only seniors working on you so they have all their hours of practice in and it's always under a teacher's supervision. In the beauty school I went to, they charged like $25 for a facial or something. It's great for those that want all of the benefits of a service (hair cut, blow out, manicure, facial, wax, etc.) but can't afford spa or salon prices.

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I go to one in chapel hill. it's great. I've been going for about 2 years & Ive never gotten a bad haircut. I did have a bad pedicure though. The polish just fell off one nail at a time. Not chipped, completely fell off in a shet. No big deal, but not worth the money even if it was cheap.


I get a wash, mini-facial, and cut each time. It's about $18-$21 depending on how advanced the student is. I ask for someone more advanced because it takes less time. They don't have to get approval for everything.


I've done drastic haircuts there- above my chin. I don't color my hair, but I know people who got highlights there & it turned out great.


I need to make an appoint for next weekend. I haven't had a haircut in a year!!! It was really short when we got engaged so i needed all the length I could get. Fortunately I don't do a lot to my hair, so it doesn't get split ends without a trim.

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Oh, i did have a beatuy school disaster. it wasn't an aveda institute. it was a little school in my hometown that didn't have a great rep. My friend was enrolled there & asked me to be her model for her final project. She died my hair bright red with blone highlights. It was pretty for a couple weeks. Then it was fuzzy & orange. She did win a trophy though.

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Originally Posted by starchild View Post
Alyss that's so cool! I checked and there isn't one anywhere in Cali...booo sad.gif

Too bad, you know the stylist trouble I've been having. I wonder what other reputable training centers we have here? I'd imagine L.A. has a lot of that stuff...
I bet there are some really cool training centers there Jamy - try to do some reserach - maybe a Vidal Sasson school? i know there is one of those in NYC
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All I can say is smile43.gifsmile43.gifsmile43.gifsmile43.gif

We don't have any Aveda Institutes around here but I just checked out our local version's web site. I can't believe how cheeeeeeeeep it is! I have gel nails and they can get pricy but I'm addicted. Anyhow, their nail services and waxing is very cheap. Might have to give them a try. Thanks for the tip Alyssa!

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I am so glad to hear many people go to beauty schools for services. I am a Director at a beatuy school. And I have the best time. We see about 900 guest a week. We have a pretty loyal client base. People love coming in because they know that they are going to get a great color and cut for a great price. And the best thing our guest say is that the educator is involed in the entire service. We do a consulation with our students and their guest, we oversee the service then we check every guest before they leave, so the guest knows they would not leave us unless they are satisfied. But yes there are times when its not perfect but we guarantee all our services. Thanks to all of you for being apart of our students education.

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