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Anyone have Sirius? and listen to Cosmo Radio 111???

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Originally Posted by Pug3636 View Post
I was surprised he was actually back on heroin. I thought it was the subutex (sp?) and stuff from his past. I'm so glad his mom and sister finally said enough is enough. I hope this is the major turn around he needs! Artie is such a good soul and he deserves to be truly happy!

I thought for sure Howard & Beth got married last week!?! He said it was coming soon! I still cannot believe he's getting a "B" tattoo. Just seems like something he would totally make fun of after his whole divorce rants in the past.
Yeah I heard they were doing one ceremony in the Hamptons, and then a bigger one in October? I can't believe he's getting the B tattoo either...but maybe he just doesn't feel right wearing a ring again after the last one? Who knows. Howard can be weird sometimes.

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This was posted on the Fox News website 2 days ago:


Mark Consuelos to Marry Howard Stern

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


By Roger Friedman


Yes — Mark Consuelos, the actor and husband of Kelly Ripa, is getting ready to marry Howard Stern. That is, to Beth Ostrosky. The wedding is set for October, although sources are buzzing that Howard and Beth may have some kind of civil pre-wedding this weekend in the Hamptons.


Thereâ€s been talk that this might happen, but stunning blonde Beth confirmed it for me at Saturday's Mercedes-Benz Blue Star Jet Polo bash. This was the Polo party of all time, since there was no Polo match — it was cancelled — and no one noticed. More people than ever came just to have the weekly party. Katie Lee Joel was the guest of honor. Dina Lohan brought her two younger kids. A few horses grazed in the field.


The funny thing about Consuelos is that heâ€s a good actor whoâ€s kind of gotten overshadowed by Kellyâ€s success with Regis Philbin. Mark had a long career on "All My Children," has appeared on other shows and is starting to film a new character on "Ugly Betty." Good for him.


Beth told me on Saturday that Mark is an ordained minister. He may have become ordained just for this reason. Who knows? Will Regis be in attendance? Beth said, "Itâ€s not that kind of thing. Itâ€s spiritual."


So the answer is, having Mark perform the ceremony is not to get publicity. Theyâ€re going to get it anyway. For the record keepers, Howardâ€s last wedding was 30 years ago, in 1978.

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