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How did you go about researching resorts?

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Originally Posted by adias.angel View Post
Thanks for the help. We have never stayed in an all inclusive, we are cruise addicts. What should I expect from one? What things and activities are included? I have no idea what I am looking for except a beautiful ceremony site LOL
I've found most resorts have the same activities, i.e. aerobics, beach volleyball, some sort of non-motorized boat (kyak, sailboat or something like that), snorkelling equipment etc. Motorized watersports are not usually including (i.e. boating, banana boat rides, etc). These are all clearly listed when searching resorts. I think all resorts have nightly entertainment (shows), although the quality will vary.

Some resorts have a kids club which can be really usefull if you have young children coming.

Some resorts are adults-only which can be a bonus if you don't have kids in your group.

As Danielle mentioned, only the higher end resorts will serve top shelf alcohol (not really a factor for me but it is for some)

Speaking of liquor, some resorts will say liquor is included only until like midnight. I've never understood that. All the resorts I've stayed at had 24 hour liquor service

Like I mentioned one of the things I always check is the number of a-la-carte restaurants. Buffets get a bit repetitive and the quality is better at the a-la-carte. Most resorts will have one buffet, and maybe 2-7 a-la-cartes. Some will also have a 24 hour snack bar (I really like this, if you are up late it's fun to have munchies!), a beach bbq for lunch, etc. Some resorts (the bahia comes to mind) will limit you to say 2-4 a-la-cartes per week. I personally like to go to a-la-cartes almost every night, so I don't like when there are limits on how many times I can go (limit of 4 is not so bad but I would be annoyed with a limit of 2). Also some resorts will have room service included, but others will charge a fee for room service.

Not all resorts will have a disco on site but some do which could be something fun to do later at night.

Most resorts I think have spas but I guess not all (I don't really pay attention as I don't really feel like spending more money once I'm there. This is never included in the price).

The mega resorts I mentioned previously will usually have trains/trolleys to drive you around when you are going far.

All resorts will offer the same daytime excursions (similar to being on a cruise).

Some resorts have beach beds which is a huge plus for me, so much more comfortable than being in a lounge chair (although this is very rare).

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Originally Posted by Davematthews16 View Post
I found a WC in Colorado who has been to almost every resort in Mexico. We met with her, looked at hundreds of pictures and talked about the pros and cons of each hotel. We decided the Barcelo Maya Palace was the perfect choice for us! She said nothing but WONDERFUL things. I would figure out what is most important to you guys (the rooms, the beach, the price ect.) and then pick a few resorts that seem to fit your needs, then break them down until you find the best fit!! It will be beautiful no matter where you are!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck!
Hey there...
Could I get the name of your TA in Colorado? I'm in Colorado and I'm having the HARDEST time finding a resort in my price range and I'll take any help I can get!

Can you email me her contact info?

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