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Hi Toronto-area girls!


I have contacted Tait Boudoir Photographers to see about setting up a possible BD marathon here in Toronto, and they said they need at least 6 girls in order to make a trip out here. Is anyone interested? So far I have myself and Ana (from the forum) so we need at least 4 more girls. I think weâ€re looking at doing this sometime in the winter/spring (to give us a bit more time to tone up!).


Iâ€ve contacted them to get more information on pricing etc, and Iâ€ll post it here as soon as I hear back. But in the meantime, let me know if you think youâ€d be interested so we can get something organized!

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Hi Heather,


I hadn't considered doing this before but after seeing a lot of the photos from the forum members I think I have to! The photos turn out amazing and I think it's a great idea. I would be interested if it is in the winter/spring (just joined a gym so I have some work to do).


Count me in!

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Heather - I LOVE Tait's style and if this works out, perfect!!! But if we can't find 6 or they are tres $$, I have been looking recently and compiled a list of TO area photogs that do boudoir....maybe we could get a deal with a few of us??


Lindsay: HRM Photography - Wedding Photography in Toronto and London, Ontario

Kristin: www.firstkissphoto.com

Judy C: Elementz of Foto (did Heidi’s on here – totally hot pics)

Jessica @ Jessica Blaine Smith Photography (she just joined BDW)

Carolyn @ In Bloom Photography By Carolyn Pongracz, Southern Ontario (she has a special until June 1st...good pricing!)

Julie @ Julie Broadbent Photography (she's new at this, offering it VERY cheap!)

Karolin @ BK Gallery - wedding & portrait photography Toronto, GTA (also new at this, offering great deals now and has a great style!)

In Bloom Photography By Carolyn Pongracz, Southern Ontario (offers deal if you can get 4 ppl together)

Lisa: www.lisamarkphotography.com


Hope this list helps someone!! Kate

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Originally Posted by kleslie5 View Post
oooh - looks like 6 ladies interested...and in 2 days, not bad!! FYI - you can click on "upcoming marathons" to see their pricing for their upcoming Vancouver and Calgary marathons to get an idea of what TO would be....

OOH thanks for that info! I didn't even notice that you could click on those! Now I have a better idea of what it's going to cost me! cheer2.gif
It should be do-able for me, as long as I crash with some friends instead of splurging on a hotel & maybe eat take out instead of nice restaraunt food! lol
I'm not cheap - I've just been unemployed for the last 6 months so it's hard for me to shell out money, but I REALLY want to do this for Mat.
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