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I am trying to finalize my menu for the free dinner, cocktail and dinner reception.

For the free dinner-fuentes, we are going with ceasar salad, yucatan soup, pasta primavera, and grilled pork chop. Dessert tres leches w/ strawberries.


Private dinner-Ruccola salad, chicken breast stuffed with mushroom, angus beef tenderloin, and frozen coconut with wedding cake. No appetizers because we will have a cocktail reception beforehand.


Any dislikes or recommendations?



Thank you,


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My daughter had her dinner at Fuentes. The caesar salad was so-so, but the ginger and citrus-cured salmon ceviche was great. (She had 2 appetizers and no soup). One similar thing we had was the penne pasta w/ sauteed shrimp - everyone liked it. The only other thing we had on your list was the tres leches w/ strawberries, and everyone ate every bite of it. Very tasty!

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