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Those look so amazing!!!! I wish I still had a body like yours though, it has been a few years. Ryan is going to be drooling over that book!!!!

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Originally Posted by caroline View Post
Yikesy!!! He IS going to flip!

WHERE did you get the "bride" knickers?! They're great!
Victoria Secrets. I got three pair of different styles they are super comfy

Originally Posted by B&J2008 View Post
Those are so hot!! I'm going to do mine the week of Aug 13...I can't wait! Hope they turn out as sexy as yours!
I'm sure yours will be hot! I can't wait to see a few of them HINT HINT
Originally Posted by ericaandsy View Post
WOW girl...these are hot. You better get a camera out for the look on his face when he sees these for the first time!!!!
Yeah, I hope to get a few pictures of him opening it. He has NO idea so far and I tell him everything!! So, this has been really hard to keep secret.

Originally Posted by Jen5372 View Post

You shoud be a model-you are sooooo gorgeous!!
Thanks that is so sweet but really Jeremy just did a great job lol

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