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scary and horrible-bride shot dead on honeymoon!

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With just 80,000 people living there Antigua's murder rate per head of population is more than three times that of New York.


That's a really bad use of statistics when "tourism comprises 75 per cent of the economy". Really no point in figuring out stats based on the population.


The other article says this


The couple had spent two weeks on the island at the luxurious Cocos Hotel, and according to Andy Liburd, news editor of the Antigua Sun, were due to return home today.


Mr Liburd said: "This is highly unusual. The last murder of a tourist was over 10 years' ago. But throughout the Caribbean there has been an increase in crime. Of course our island has not been unaffected by it."


Is it possible they are trying to sensationalize the crime problem in the 2nd article?

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oh, that's heartbreaking sad.gif


in typical FI style, I re-told him this story and he said "hmpf" and went back to playing on the computer. men.

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