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Mackinac Island Proposal

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Mackinac Island Background:

For those of you not from Michigan. wink.gif Mackinac Island is a small island about 5 miles from the Mackinaw Bridge. There are no cars or motorcycles allowed on the island; only bikes and horse drawn carriages. Most of the island is a state park with just a couple roads for bike riding.



It was actually a whole weekend of surprises and it couldn't have been more perfect. First surprise was the trip to Mackinaw I was told what to bring and when to be ready but not where we were going. When we got there I walked in the room to discover a lake view room with a jacuzzi!! As we are having dinner that night the clearest most beautiful rainbow appears. Talk about a sign. wink.gif


Next morning we get up and Chris tells me we are going to bike around the island. It was the most amazing and beautiful place I have ever seen. As your biking on either side of you there is blue water or forest. About lunch time we see a little quite beach facing mackinaw bridge so we stop. And from what seem likes no where Chris pulls out a whole picnic lunch along with a bottle of my favorite wine. After we had eaten he starts asking me if I knew how much he loves me. Then he reaches into the bag and bring out the ring box. I knew right then what it was. I am not even sure what he said I was so excited. All I heard was will you marry me. Then I said yes about a hundred times.


After we were done riding we did a little shopping and walked into a del sol shirt store. They had sweat shirts printed up with the bike route we took around the island on the back. On the front it said "Life begins at " and then had the road sign that said M-185, which is where Chris proposed. Needless to say Chris demanded we get them. wink.gif


The next morning I wake up to a breakfast on the beach with the sun just over the water. The whole weekend was so amazing.


Later on I found out that biking around Mackinac Island was a tradition his family used to do when he was younger. It was so sweet to be included in a family tradition of his.


Well thats my long story. Hope you liked it, Carla wink.gif

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Originally Posted by beachbride08 View Post
That is so sweet! I have always wanted to go to Mackinac Island.
Thanks. Mackinac Island is so worth the trip! I have lived in Michigan 28 years and never was there before Chris took me. I have never seen anything as beautiful here in the states. I hope you get to go someday. :)

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Congrats!! what a beautiful story! FI and I just crossed the Mackinaw Bridge today. My parents have a lake home in the upper peninsula so we went for a long weekend. I love it up there!! If you love nature you would love a visit to Michigan's upper peninsula. We are already planning our next trip for Labor Day.

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