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Alyssa made me do it

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The rules say I must post here.

Name: Jen Capone (I'm not Italian. I married one)


My wedding? 1993! (big puffy sleeves to match my big hair)


Location? It was my childhood church in Royersford, PA, then the reception was at a local reception hall. We were going to have a longer engagement. But someone had to cancel their spot at the hall and would loose their deposit unless someone booked it. That became our date. And she got her thousand back. I have never shot a wedding there.


I'm a vendor. I did Alyssa's boudoir and another member's named Jen. Both of them were incredibly photogenic. But I've also had the privilege of doing sessions for women who took a little while to warm up, as well as women who had mastectomies. We're all beautiful. But some need more time in front of a camera than others.


I tell my clients: Don't worry about your perceived problem areas. Or the furniture in the background. Your partner only wants curves and eyes and attitude, and to know if they can see you in that outfit later.


the website: http://www.jencapone.com/


feel free to join the ranks of brides who go to the recent events for wedding ideas. (on the html side of the site... i need to update the flash side)

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Welcome Jen!


I so want to see your puffy sleeve wedding gown. You will find that we at BDW are self proclaimed picture hoes... My wedding is in 9 months still but would love your website so that i could check out some pics. I will everntually be planning bd pics if I can get my tush in shape. :)

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you are too funny!!! I am so glad you finally joined the infamous 'forum'. PM (private message) or email me if you have any questions about the rules and how-to's!




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