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Help with Starting Hilton Head Wedding

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I was planning on getting married in Jamaica. However, my boyfriend will have just had a stem cell transplant and we can't leave the country. So! I have decided that Hilton Head would be an awesome place for a wedding!


Where do I even begin?! I am trying to keep within a 10k budget!!



Please help!

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Hi Katie!

Another HHI bride...yeah! I just got married in HHI about a month ago. I would love to help you out if you have any questions! I just posted a review from my wedding here:



Here is a great link I found that towards the end of my planning that I wish I would have known about:

Hilton Head Island Weddings :: Your Best Source of Local Wedding Information


I stayed within my budget...which was about $9000. The biggest ways to save money that I found were:

1. Plan your wedding on a weekday vs. a weekend (Vendors are willing to get you business during the week)

2. Look for vendors right outside the HHI area (ie. Bluffton, Beaufort, etc)

3. Just invite your must have friends and family (We had 40 guests)

3. Find creative ways to celebrate other wedding related activities

* For example, we had a welcome dinner for our guests at our resort. We had a BBQ! We went to Sam's that day and just picked up some food and drinks (~$200) and BBQed at the resort. The guests had fun and enjoyed the food.

* For rehearsal, we had our party at DH's sister's house she rented. It was a Mexican themed night (since we really wanted to get married in MX!) and we decorated the house with Mexican decorations. We catered in some Mexican food (~$250) and made margaritas. The party was fun and the guests raved about the food.


Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have any questions...I will be glad to answer any questions!




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