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Question for photographers... colored backgrounds? Lighting?

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Originally Posted by ashrose View Post
Yeah... Matt and Sol's pictures are beautiful... and that's what got me originally thinking "how does that work?"

...But then... I started seeing other photographers that do it. It is way cool!
matt has a blog called flash flavor where he explains his lighting.

I started off as a photoshop junkie & I'm finally starting to take my own pictures. Actually started tonight.

Planning a wedding has made many of us interested in photography. I look at blogs during most of my lunch breaks. It's so cool to see what people are doing with wedding photography.

A lot of the aged pictures are done with photoshop & textures. I saw a picture the other day that was enhanced with some textures. It was such a cool transistion.

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Interesting! I will have to check that out!


I decided I'm going to do two TTD sessions -- one in Cancun and one here in Seattle amongst some waterfalls. I've been going through blogs and photo galleries and grabbing ideas about things I love. I think it would be fun to learn how to do it -- I don't think I'd ever want to do it professionally. I'm much more in to design than I am in to snapping pictures.


I can't wait to see how your photos turn out Morgan! You have a great eye from what I can see in your collages and photo books.

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I'll add my two cents:


Some of my friends have a good eye but aren't exactly super-geeks in terms of technical photography. However they create interesting compositions that then are taken to the next level in PS. In some ways, they are as much illustrators as photographers.


Others find ways with cool lighting, interesting lens techniques, etc to create "magic." My friend Zach, for instance (Gray Photography | GrayPhotograph.com) is so amazing at getting it right in the camera that he hardly uses PS at all.


I came from a perspective originally that kind of looked down on the former approach, but I've come to respect it as a valid approach even if it isn't my path.


Regarding the high-prices that you mentioned: editing is only part of the issue. There are countless other "behind-the-scenes" things that a wedding shooter may chose to make part of his/her business model that can affect price. For instance: I really try to go out of my way to spend REAL time getting to know my clients prior to their big day. Its not uncommon of me to travel for hours or even over a weekend just to do an e-session with an out-of-towner so that I'm not meeting them for the first time at the wedding. I spend a total of about 40-50 hours on every one of my clients factoring meetings, portrait sessions, editing, proofing sessions, album design, etc...


Anyway, just my rambling thoughts late on a Saturday night in a hotel room far from home.... wink.gif

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