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The new Dreams Tulum thread! (Post all DT Qs&As here)

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#5071 Amyspiel

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    Posted 12 November 2012 - 08:34 AM

    Did anyone have problems with the rooms?  Also, I am not getting married until June, but my travel agent is worried that the hotel will sell out.  Did anyone have issues with this?  Thanks!

    #5072 bluelenscaribe

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      Posted 12 November 2012 - 01:18 PM

      Hi Everybody!

      We leave you some of our work and the link to check our latest blogs. Enjoy the photos and contact us for more INFO. We will be glad to assist you!








      #5073 Tulumbride2013

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        Posted 12 November 2012 - 05:30 PM

        Did anyone have problems with the rooms?  Also, I am not getting married until June, but my travel agent is worried that the hotel will sell out.  Did anyone have issues with this?  Thanks!

        My wedding is in May. I had a few guest book a few weeks ago, and garden view rooms are sold out for my wedding week, they only have suites and junior suites left. So I would say its a good possibility that the resort could fill up:) my guests started booking in August.

        #5074 Amyspiel

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          Posted 13 November 2012 - 08:51 AM

          When did you send out invites?  I sent out save the dates, but would also do formula invites as a reminder as well.

          #5075 Tulumbride2013

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            Posted 13 November 2012 - 09:43 AM

            I sent my Save the dates out in March, and then my invitations went out at the beginning of August. the book by date was for the end of August, and if my guests booked by that date then they got a special promo my TA and the resort was offering. Im glad most people went ahead and booked sooner rather than later, because the resort did sell out of the garden view rooms and the rates and airfare rates ended up going up.

            #5076 BeaBride

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            • Wedding Date:November 21, 2012
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            Posted 13 November 2012 - 04:33 PM

            Hi Amyspiel


            My wedding date is November 21st, so I'll be leaving this Sunday the 18th.  I booked my resort in early January and then sent an email save-the-date to everyone at the same time.  It turns out that I didn't have time to mail save-the-dates (even though I think they are really cute) as the booking deadline to book as a group (with the group price we were initially quoted) was at the end of January.  I could have requested a new group quote to extend the deadline but the quote would have been a bit more expensive. The short notice ended up not making a difference anyway because more than half of our 53 guests who knew they wanted to come including ourselves booked with the group in early January anyway.  The standard room (gardenview) sold out pretty quickly with all the carriers.  I would guess that it probably sold out by the sometime in the early summer as I don't remember exactly.  


            Also, our Air Canada flight for the same dates ended up also selling out as well, so my two additional guests that booked in early October (which I feel is too late for a guest to book for a destination wedding due to cost/flight and room availability) had to travel 1. with another carrier, 2. on separate dates as the carrier also no longer had our exact travel dates available, 3. for less than a week because they no longer had a room available for seven days, 4. they had to get an upgraded room because the standard one was sold out long ago, and 5. they are flying out of a different city to save on cost.


            All in all, I would say that there is a good chance that the standard room will sell out. I think that November is probably a slower month for destination weddings, and it happened to me. Also, I think that eventually your flight/dates will sell out, so if it's important that your guests are there for the exact time you will be, tell them not to wait until the last minute to book.  Some guests will wait looking for a "deal" closer to your wedding date.  In my opinion, this will not happen.  We actually had 8 American guests from 2 different cities who previously RSVP'd (including the best man) who ended up cancelling their RSVP in September because they waited too long to book so the prices were ridiculously high.  The price that most of my guests paid with my group rate was fair in comparison to what it would have cost them to book separate from the group.  It actually ended up costing my travel group guests less than average because my fiance and I split our "group savings" with all of our guests instead of using it to pay for our trip.


            As for my formal wedding invitations, I sent them in early May.  I sent them to to various places in Europe, the US, and Canada, but like I mentioned previously, all of my guests were made aware in January by an email save-the-date.  My RSVP deadline on the formal invitation was June 30. I made my RSVP date early because knowing my guests, I knew that I would have stragglers.  I didn't have a final number for my wedding until 5 weeks before my wedding. Many of my guests never responded to the RSVP.  The resort asks you to send the final revised spreadsheet of guests 2 weeks before the wedding.


            I hope that helps.  Let me know if you need anything else.

            #5077 AppKate

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              Posted 20 November 2012 - 04:43 AM


              I cannot believe I leave in 10 days! And I'm freaking out just a bit now!! I had a really busy summer at work and then the month that I was supposed to do all my planning with the coordinator, my Uncle died and my nephew was born and it was just a busy busy month!! So I'm behind the 8-ball and I need some HELP!!!! PLEASE!!! My questions is about adding some things to the reception to make things special. 


              MY QUESTION:

              Has anyone got married at DT and brought their own candles, flowers (fake), lights, table decorations??  

              Will they even let you do that??  

              Did they charge you to set it up (which is stupid to charge someone to light a candle, but whatever)??


              Need some HELP on this and what to do!!  Cause I need to send her an email today that basically says, I'm bringing my own decorations and I'm trying to stick to a budget.  


              THANKS SO MUCH LADIES!!!  Katie

              #5078 Tulumbride2013

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                Posted 20 November 2012 - 07:49 AM

                Hi katie You can def bring your own decor, but they charge a fee to set them up for you:) prices vary. If you email them and ask what they are charging for how many centerpieces chair sashes ect... They will tell you how much

                #5079 dee dreams

                dee dreams
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                  Posted 20 November 2012 - 08:03 AM

                  Hey Appkate I leave this Friday :) and I am nervous as well, I just want everything to go smoothly!! I am bringing my own chair sashes , hand fans ,tulle, centerpieces , name cards , paper lanterns , iPod docking station for dinner . I believe they charge u 150$ to set up your decorations for ceremony which me and friends are gonna do our selves , they will charge me 150$ to just hang our paper lanterns and I think around 200$ to set up the decorations for reception depending on my many centerpieces, name cards ect u have. For Us were having the wedding on the beach and heard its best to rent their speakers cuz it can be hard to hear with the waves and stuff I believe thats 200$ for 20 mins , and for the reception to rent speakers for 3 hours its 500$ :o so i bought a docking station for 169$ and gonna do that .I'm gonna set up the ceremony myself but prob pay for them to do the reception as I don't want to rush my pics to have to go set things up ! The resort does charge ALOT of money to set up decorations but for me it's cheaper still then using their stuff Hope this helps a bit

                  #5080 taegan

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                    Posted 20 November 2012 - 10:05 AM

                    Appkate- I brought all of my own decor to Tulum. Pack it good and there shouldnt be an issue. When going through customs, remember you are only allowed to bring $300 worth of out of country product. We ended up paying tax on our stuff, which was only $20.


                    There will be a charge to set up the stuff you bring, they do nickel and dime however you are allowed the option of settig it up yourself.


                    If you have any questions you can pm :) We just got married there about a month ago.

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