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The new Dreams Tulum thread! (Post all DT Qs&As here)

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Okay so I sent Lizet an email about two weeks ago, no responce. So I sent a follow up on Sunday night, just asking if she had time to review my questions.

My one important question to her was when do I need to put the deposit down and when can I expect a copy of the contract.


Her responce to me today was:"In order to book for you, you need to make a deposit depending the package you picked, WIP $100 USD DOL or ULTIMATE PCKG $500 usd."


Okay that's great but when do you need it, how do I get it to you, and nothing about the contract! I keep thinking there has to be a less fustrating way to do this. Any suggestions would help.


Can anyone tell me when you had to put a deposit down and when you got your contract?


I need a drink! shots.gif

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Originally Posted by DaniellaP View Post
Does anyone know if I will be able to have the reception on the beach, if there are 40+?? Will I have to pay per person after 25 people for dinner??
you will have to pay $65per person after 20 people

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You can really get behind on the latest topics when you miss a day or two of checking this site.shitfan.gif


Melissa, your invites are really cute.


As far as this whole deposit thing goes, I got my confirmation number months ago as well, and also e-mailed Landy asking about a deposit. She said there was no deposit necessary, you pay for your wedding when you arrive. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the wedding guide also states you don't have to pay a deposit.


Question ladies, I know that fresh flowers are not allowed to pass through customs. But, I'm looking to cut costs and am considering having silk flowers made. Do you think I will have an issue with "fakes"? Has anyone ever done this?

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Okay, I'm beginning to get a little pissed. There seems to be alot of inconsistencies with what the coordinators have been telling some of us. After having submitted my previous post, I went to the official dreams website and under the wedding planning page they do now have prices for deposits. Paradise$100, Love & Ulitmate $500. Does this mean that all of us who previously confirmed and have a number now have to pay a deposit? Will we lose our confirmation if we don't pay? It's not fair that they continue to change their policies mid year, especially since they are already booked for next year. They need to add a disclaimer clarifying the changes such as "This is for couples booking after _____ or effective _____."


Just when you think you've gotten it all figured out and togetherfeedback.gif

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Yes, they keep changing their policies but I think those of us that booked before and got either a confirmation email or number should be okay. Remember to just keep and print all emails.


When I sent them my Wedding Planning guide this past week, I also included a "pre-contract" that I wrote up. This included all the plans we made and all special permissions that Landy has promised me. This also included days and times to deliver bouquets, ironed wedding clothes (after reading Sunbride's review, I did not want to have a heart attack if the bouquet was delivered 5 minutes before the ceremony).


When I first decided to go with Dreams, I set up a couple of Phone Meetings on Saturday mornings. This might help you but just make sure to make your list of questions ahead of time.


Also, when I send emails to Landy, I bullet all of my questions. For example...

-How much for a bonfire? Is this per person or all together? Please confirm.

-What does the bonfire include? Please confirm.

-How many chairs will be set up? Please confirm.

-How long can we have the bonfire? Please confirm....


I know this takes a lot of extra time but the goal is to get the info even if it is more work.


One last thing, I mentioned this before... when I send my emails to Landy in Spanish, she answers back within a couple of days. If any of you know Spanish...now is a good time to show off the skills.


In the end...My FH and I try to keep this thought in mind...It's the beach, it's Tulum, no matter what happens, we are going to have a great time!rockon.gif

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