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The new Dreams Tulum thread! (Post all DT Qs&As here)

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My FI has a JBL speaker & stand. It will be cheaper for us to pay the overweight fee and haul it down there ourselves than pay for their sound system...a lot cheaper!


He thinks it's such a good idea now, but I'm sure there will be a lot of cursing while he's hauling that thing around... :)

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Clinicalgal - sorry to hear about your fall, you looked great though on wedding day!! I have a question about the sound system though....why were you quoted such a high price for that when it's in the packet as being $390 total. 

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Okay- so I know I posted that the wedding cost around $5,000- well after checking my bill it ended up only being $4,591.33!  yippee $500 less than I thought…

Here is the detailed bill so you know what you will and will not have to pay extra for:

Ultimate wedding package- $2,6750 (2009 rate- we got married in 2010 but booked in 2009)

This included:

Services of the minister

Wedding coordinator

Preferential location of the room in the category reserved

Preparation and ironing of the dress and tuxedo

Complimentary room for the groom the night before the wedding (this was great)

Dressing assistant (ummm???  My mother helped me here lol!)

Use of the wedding chapel (didnâ€t use this)

Additional decoration for the ceremony (I have no idea what this means, because you will see below they charged extra)

Upgraded brides bouquet (I donâ€t know how it was “upgraded†but it was beautiful nonetheless)

4 boutonnieres/corsages

Natural floral centerpiece for dinner table

Natural floral table bouquet for ceremony

Caribbean music trio 45 min. (awesome)

50 full color photoâ€s (we used this at our welcome/rehearsal dinner)

Wedding photo album (pretty cool looking, it looks likes it is made out of leaves from a palm tree)

Wedding cake and one bottle of sparkling wine for 20 guests (tres leches, it was sooo yummy!  Never did see the bottle of sparkling wine… I wasnâ€t drinking THAT much that I wouldn't remember!!)

Video of the ceremony (the first copy we received was scratched, but they sent me a second video after I emailed them)

Special gold wedding dinner party for 20 guests

One hour gold private cocktail party (maximum 19 guests at the hotel)  (… uhh I actually just read that it was only for 19 people as Iâ€m typing this lol)

Turn down service

Hairstyling for bride

Make up application for bride (My mother used this)

Love birds spa treatment (we had massages, and they were wonderful, and yes the spa is SO far away)

10% discount on all spa treatments (didnâ€t use this)

Honeymoon package (bottle of champagne, fruit basket, flower petals) (I think this is what they left in our room for us when we got back from the wedding)

Late check out (I have no idea what this means, we checked out with everyone else)


These were the additional services, I will include all of the tax so you know the correct price:

Ceremony music $166.50 (I think this was to rent the system, speakers/microphone)

Sound system for reception $244.20 (we had our own DJ with his own mixes, I think this was for the speakers)

Extra cocktail hour for 12 extra people $306.00

Extra golden menu for 14 people $1,160.25

1 kid menu $25.50

(I know, the amount of people doesnâ€t add up... whatev)

Set up for over 20 guests (ceremony/cocktail and reception) $191.25

Set up of wedding stuff (this is the exact wording from the bill lol) $133.88

1 external photographer pass $90.00 ( I guess there is no tax on those!)

1 extra boutonnier $16.65

14 extra glass of champagne at reception dinner (which we didnâ€t have, urgh) $107.10

Wedding deposit -$500

TOTAL BILL $4,591.33


So thatâ€s it!  Just thought everyone would like to see the exact bill!

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Thanks for the breakdown. I am making sure that I print off all my email correspondence to take with me, and then I will fine-tooth the bill once I get it.....although, who am I kidding...I may be tipsy on island drinks and sunshine the whole time :)

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I am still on the fence between Dreams Tulum and NOW Jade Riviera Resort..Have any of you considered both resorts and, if so, what did you see as the pros and cons of each and why did you prefer one over the other?


Thanks! I'll be so glad when I finally choose a spot for my wedding in August of next year. I'm just so nervous about making the right choice for myself and also for my guests who will likely be spending their vacation time/money to attend my wedding.


:) Sherri

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Any past brides do / future brides doing a signature cocktail? What types of alcohol do they have at the bar? Pretty much everything? Do they have many specialty liquor and liquers? I am trying to come up with some kind of special drink.....HELP!

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