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I Need DJ Recommendations & Reviews

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Who have peoiple used and liked so far? We were going ot do an iPod wedding but now my family is pressing for a DJ... Has anyone had anyone they really liked?


People keep mentioning DJ Anteres (is that right) - did you like him?


The prices for DJs are SO out of control! I am still coming to terms with paying that much money for someone to play other people's music...


How have the ladies who've used iPods do? I'm trying to convince my family that this is the way to go...

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i used dj antares and he was ok...i didnt have any major issues with him but can't rave about him either...there were some points when he started to play funky music instead of sticking to our playlist but then we would tell him to play our playlist and he did.


he did not mc but steves friend did so it was better because his friend did an awesome job.


so i guess, dj antares is competent. played first dance, garter song, bouquet songs on time and correctly.

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