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Riu/Jamaica Brides....4 months or less to go..

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#11 Ellipse22

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    Posted 06 August 2008 - 06:52 PM

    Originally Posted by RastaBride

    I haven't posted in awhile..

    but my wedding is about 2.5- 3 weeks away (Aug. 30 at 2 pm)! So far I dont have my dress yet, cannot book the seagrape bar for the reception (due to the hotel's beach party) - and the pool side location is already booked, and just found out the the person who normally cuts/colors my hair has left the salon (with no forwarding address)... So i am a little stressed.

    I'm trying to keep my spirts up... but it seems like one thing after another is not working out.

    I guess its Jamaica.. .no problem mon.


    You need a girls night out!

    Why no dress? Can't find anything you like?

    I would push a bit more to find a reception location. Have you called Chandlyn at all!

    You need a big hug & a fine bottle of wine!

    #12 Destination08

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      Posted 12 August 2008 - 09:31 AM

      I am four months away now as well....When do you suggest I send my Documents? I really have no idea when I do this?

      And I am getting stressed about my grooms clothes. He just ordered something online and hopefully when it gets here it will be as perfect as we hope! We still have to order the rest of the groomsman and the dad!

      #13 RastaBride

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        Posted 12 August 2008 - 01:56 PM

        I had half a bottle of tequila last weekend - which seemed to help..

        I bought a dress back in feb. but the seamstress (or so she calls herself) could not make the dress fit me.. the dress doesnt fall off my body, but it is not flattering and it doesnt fit my chest. The top of the dress is a size 6 trying to fit a size 0... and she was unwilling to do what it took to fix it. She was terrible. She missed/no show to 2 fittings and could bearly finish one task in between to total of 5 fittings we had... and the dress is actually very plain...
        So I was forced to get a second one... and I'm waiting for it to arrive!

        I've been in contact with the management at ROR and they are unwilling to move the hotel's beach party sat. night so we can use the Seagrape.. Does any know if this has been done before? OR maybe I dont want to know...

        Thanks for listening..

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