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ErinB's CSA Pro-Pics! Better late than never!

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Erin you looked so beautiful! And I loved the color of your bridesmaids dresses, it was the perfect compliment to your setting. And don't you just love having a super tall DH? FI is 6'2 and I'm 5'4, and the disparity in our heights always makes me feel safe :) Anyhow, awesome pics and Congrats!! cheers.gif

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Awww. Thanks for all of the compliments!


THe wedge flip flops are from Victoria's Secret. They were $25. I'll be selling them in two weeks after my AHR.


The rings are Kate Landry from Dillards. They are sterling sliver with the pave fake diamonds. The color is "Caribbean Mist" so I couldn't pass them up! Original price was $40, but I got them half off.


The flowers were a little dramatic. I don't hink I ever posted the story. If not, I'll go back and do so. I ordered from my normal everyday florist here, thinking I knew the quality of his work. Well, he apparently can't do silks! They were just not what I wanted.


A close friend and I re did them. So, we used his stuff as a base and went to Hobby Lobby and bought some additional flowers. He did all orchids, but I think he was just trying to use too much greenery so they looked really fake. We bought white and pink peonies, real touch roses and a calla lillies. Hobby Lobby has a great selection and about every other week they run a 50% off sale. You can also get coupons online and in the mail and use them both.

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