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Tell us something interesting about your neighborhood...

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#31 zorlack76

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    Posted 19 July 2008 - 04:06 PM

    Originally Posted by Lizz
    I lived in Rockford when I was in kindergarten & 1st grade!
    Really?? Where about did you live? Haha, its a small world.

    #32 Birdie07

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      Posted 19 July 2008 - 04:20 PM

      Originally Posted by Kelly C
      This is what the internet says:
      Located only minutes west of St. Louis County, the City of O'Fallon encompasses nearly 30 square miles with ideal access to I-70 in the north and I-64 in the south.
      Established in 1856, O'Fallon is the seventh largest city in Missouri and largest in St. Charles County, with a growing population of approximately 76,000 residents.
      In my words: It is total midwest living. We live in a new contruction area. All the homes are new. We had this house built 3 years ago. Our houses sit 15ft from each other. We live on a court with all late 20's early 30's. Most of us new each other before we moved in. So we have lots of fun on our court. We usually sit out in the summer watch the kids play and have a few cocktails.
      Before I lived here we lived in Chesterfield...right down the street from you and I worked in St. Charles! Weird huh!

      #33 Chantal85

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        Posted 19 July 2008 - 04:29 PM

        I live in Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) which is on an island. My neighborhood has a lot of small cottage homes, my home is steps away from the ocean and is only 2 blocks away from a ferry that connects us with the mainland. Its great because I can just walk to the ferry and head for a shopping day in Vancouver! Because I'm close enough to just walk on, I don't have to wait in long vehicle line ups that often spill onto the street...sometimes over a mile long!

        There is a sea-walk that leads all the way downtown for lovely evening strolls and fresh ocean air.

        #34 Yari

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          Posted 19 July 2008 - 04:37 PM

          I live in Chino Hills, one of the safest cities in America.

          My neighborhood is very Wistera Laneish. Families all around us, flags waving in the wind, nice neighbors, block parties, all in all quite lovely. It is very suburb USA.

          We honestly love our neighbors, they are so sweet and considerate. for instance if we are away for a long weekend they will pick up our newspaper without us even asking them too.

          The only complaint I have is someone probably some spoiled teenager jacked up our flag holder and we had to buy a new one. I was pissed.

          Here is some info from Wikipedia:
          Chino Hills is a suburb of Los Angeles located in San Bernardino County, California, United States. The city borders Los Angeles County on its northwest side, Orange County to its south, and Riverside County to its southeast. The city had a total population of 80,897 as of 2005.[1]
          Chino Hills was ranked 68th in Money Magazine's "Best places to live 2005".[2] It is also the 6th highest income place in the United States (with population 65,000 to 250,000)[3] and was ranked as the 21st safest city in the United States by the FBI.[4] Chino Hills is generally considered a part of the Chino Valley.

          #35 Dbld78

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            Posted 19 July 2008 - 05:29 PM

            My town.... is Harleysville, Pennsylvania.

            Well I grew up here...
            hmmmm what to say, well it also the home of Ryan Howard of the Phillies and rumored to be the home of Chase Utley as well, they live in the same development. Jamie Moyer was born and raised up the street and went to my high school.

            It is also the home of TH Properties which is the nation's largest home developer. It is a very quite Mennonite community with lots of farms and half a million dollar homes along side them. It's rather pretty and a really nice place to live that's why Tim and I decided to stay here.

            But our development....well that's a WHOLE nother story all together! Our neighbors across the street are the purest form of WHITE TRASH and have held the entire cul de sac hostage with their obnoxious bass in their "family" car and there little shit head kids that run around from dawn til 10pm throwing their trash ALL over my yard!!!! I'm really getting sick of cleaning that up!

            But once the wedding is over we'll be moving out here and hopefully staying in the same town...

            #36 Kelly C

            Kelly C
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              Posted 20 July 2008 - 10:05 AM

              Originally Posted by CaliaA07
              Before I lived here we lived in Chesterfield...right down the street from you and I worked in St. Charles! Weird huh!
              One of my offices is in Chesterfield and FI works at Annie Gunn's. Small world.
              Kerrington Danielle was born 6/23/09 12:31 pm 7lbs 14oz.


              #37 SgtPepperette

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                Posted 20 July 2008 - 11:12 AM

                My neighborhood, well isnt my first choice. lol

                I actually live in the neighborhood where the movie 8 mile was filmed. It doesnt look as bad as the movie though :P

                Another great thing about a destination wedding. We are going to be able to move out of our ghetto hood, and into a much nicer one while paying for our wedding at the same time.


                #38 Sandra E.

                Sandra E.
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                  Posted 20 July 2008 - 11:49 AM

                  Originally Posted by Alyssa
                  not to sound dumb but what is a cliff may home?
                  Not at all. That's funny. Here's a bit of history. :)

                  Cliff May, the father of the California Ranch House

                  #39 *JillD*

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                    Posted 20 July 2008 - 03:09 PM

                    Originally Posted by Hartyt509
                    You can come to mine anytime you like lol our drinks are 3 x stronger and the aim is to drink as much as possible,make an arse of yourself, eat take away and pass out lmao
                    My neighborhood is about a mile from downtown Greenville, SC. It's called Augusta Road area" and is filled with beautiful and big older houses that have been renovated and tree-lined sidewalks that are always filled with joggers, moms and dad's walking their babys in strollers, etc. Very established older neighborhood which I love. The area is fabulos b/c we can walk downtown through the park system and there are outdoor festivals with live music, food and drinks on Main Street (they shut down parts of the street) every Thursday and Friday nights (April through October). Then, there are huge street festivals a few times a year with big-name bands, etc. It is a fabulous city t live in and is always rated as one of the Top 50 Places to live.

                    As for Martha's Thread HiJack, we think one of our neighbors are swingers. They are nice but very weird.
                    I've always wanted to move South and your neighborhood sounds exactly like the type of place I want to live! I'm going to have to remember the name of it, in case we ever make a move!

                    #40 starchild



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                      Posted 20 July 2008 - 03:15 PM

                      Originally Posted by Alyssa
                      not to sound dumb but what is a cliff may home?
                      I live in Stephenville Texas. Home of hard core highschool football and UFO's. We recently made worldwide news by a huge UFO sighting. It happend on FI birthday in Jan. It was then made into a documentary on the History channel. It's a pretty big deal around here and has been recently confirmed through the UFO investigators?? Right after it happened (please remember this is a very small town where everyone knows everyone) a bunch of people dressed like aliens and ran around down at our courthouse. We have a beloved statue of a cow on the square her name is Moola. Someone climbed up and put a foil receptor on her head LMAO Oh also... I live in a DRY COUNTY!!! NO beer at all!! I have to drive twenty minutes for anything.
                      some info
                      Stephenville is named after John M. Stephen, who settled there in 1854 and donated the land for the townsite laid out by George B. Erath when the county was organized in 1856. In the first two years of its settlement, the townsite was successful and by 1858 the population reached 776. However the townsite was located in Comanche territory and raids were common. Also the hardships of the civil war forced citizens to leave. The population declined until 1871 when it started to climb as Stephenville became an agriculture and livestock center. Coal mining also became important to the area in 1886 and was a major source of economy for the next thirty years.

                      Stephenville was incorporated in 1889 when the Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway arrived. In the 1890s, many of the buildings around the town square were built, Tarleton State University opened, and the communities two newspapers merged to become the Empire-Tribune, which is still in existence. In the 20th century industry became an important part of Stephenville, and the population has steadily increased since the 1920s.

                      On January 8, 2008, Stephenville gained national media attention when dozens and later hundreds of residents reported observations of unidentified flying objects. According to reports, residents observed several types of UFOs, the descriptions ranging from triangular looking craft to discs. Several residents described the crafts as the size of a football field, while others said they were nearly a mile long.[5] Some observers reported military aircraft pursuing the objects.[6]

                      CNN's Larry King covered the story in the days following the incident, and according to Steve Allen, a private pilot who witnessed the UFO, the object was travelling at a high rate of speed which supposedly reached 3,000 feet in the air. Allen said it was "About a half a mile wide and about a mile long. It was humongous, whatever it was."[7] The History Channel show, UFO Hunters did an investigation on the UFO sightings.

                      On January 23, after initially denying that aircraft were operating in the area, the US Air Force said they were conducting training flights in the Stephenville area that involved 10 fighter jets.[8] The Air Force said they were merely F-16 Fighting Falcon jets.But was later found that no radars in the area detected any fighter jets, and there were none on the testing schedule. Angelia Joiner, who during this period was the Stephenville Empire-Tribune reporter covering the story, left the paper because they ceased covering the topic.[9] Washington Post blogger Emil Steiner reported that her termination may have been related to pressure from the Stephenville town fathers. [10] MUFON has released reports about the UFO incident here. The report alleged that a UFO had flown over the Bush's Crawford Ranch.[11] The other MUFON report is a radar related report on this matter.[12]

                      My actual neighborhood- I live in a little residential area right outside of the city limits. It's called Heritage Hills. It is the "in place" to live right now. It's all doctors and lawyers and business owners, then Ryan and I lol. I really love it and take morning and evening walks. It's like pleasantville. Everyone is out watering their lawns and talk to you with a fake smile on their face lol. It's kinda creepy, OH well, I love my house.
                      I've been following that UFO story, so interesting! Sorry about what they did to Moola...haha j/k

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